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Adamo, Bolcom, Corigliano, Garner, Getty, Heggie, Morris, Woolf: December Celebration - Delan, Lynch, Harms
Bolcom, Corigiliano, Garner, Heggie, Woolf: Cabaret songs ("The Hours Begin to Sing") - Delan, Pankonin, Haimovitz, Rubtsov
Bolcom, Corigliano, Garner, Getty, Heggie, Woolf: Cabaret songs "And if the Song be Worth a Smile" - Delan, Mentzer, Haimovitz, Pankonin
Getty: Joan and the Bells etc. - RNO/Vedernikov
Getty: Orchestral Music - Marriner
Getty: Piano pieces - Tao
Getty: Plump Jack - Ulf Schirmer
Getty: The White Election - Lisa Delan
Getty: Usher House - Foster
PentaTone - The First 10 Years
Young America, Choral Works of Gordon Getty - Vedernikov/Tilson Thomas