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Discussion: Haydn: London Symphonies Vol. 2 - Bruno Weil

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Post by keskitalop April 29, 2013 (11 of 18)
diw said:

This is great news! Thank you so much for checking.


Post by zeus April 29, 2013 (12 of 18)
Domimag said:

I receive this answer from ARS produktion today :

Vol 3 kommt im Herbst raus...
(Vol 3 comes out in the fall)

Die erste Hälfte der vol 4 ist schon aufgenommen die zweite Hälfte kommt im Frühjahr ins Konzert
(The first half of volume 4 is already taken - the second half of the concert comes in the spring)

Yes, excellent news ... thanks.

Post by robstl April 29, 2013 (13 of 18)
Already on my wish(es) list! Thanks for the info

Post by wehecht April 29, 2013 (14 of 18)
Yes, great news. Thanks for the update.

Post by nucaleena April 30, 2013 (15 of 18)
hiredfox said:

Sorry, wires crossed No 88 & No 99 have been released but not 100. SCD's Military on Philips vinyl is superb so my wishes clouded my judgement! Hope I didn't send you off on too much of a wild goose chase.

Thanks. fox. No, i quite enjoy wild goose chases anyway but in a sad commentary on the number of Haydn symphonies on SACD, it wasn't a very long chase.

Post by ciderglider April 30, 2013 (16 of 18)
Excellent news. It would have been sad for this series to have withered on the vine.

Post by hiredfox May 1, 2013 (17 of 18)
A successful Haydn seek?

Post by nucaleena May 2, 2013 (18 of 18)
hiredfox said:

A successful Haydn seek?


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