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Discussion: Weber: Der Freischütz - Davis

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Post by hiredfox June 20, 2013 (1 of 3)
John's review is more or less in line with our own thoughts about this new release although we were less critical of Sir Colin's relaxed and affectionate direction that brings its own indelible special charm. We will miss him.

Christine Brewer (Agatha) is in superb form throughout and seems a prize very well worth fighting for, even if her Teutonic accent is less than convincing. Maybe I went to the wrong school? Simon O'Neill's Max isn't really up to the mark we'd expect of a worthy suitor and if I were Agatha on this showing I'd get off my knees and close the window.

Having lambasted LSO Live for their concurrent release this recording is much better although the constraints of the Barbican Hall are all too evident as usual, at times there is too much going on on-stage and congestion becomes inevitable seemingly. The sound-stage boundaries are always well inside the speaker zone as well which is equally frustrating but it is hard to see what Classic Sounds or anybody else can do about that.

The only other recording of Der Freischutz in our collection is the Harnoncourt/BPO CD on Teldec from the mid-90's which is in a different class to this new LSO performance. Enjoyable as it is this new version won't challenge it.

Post by Luukas July 26, 2015 (2 of 3)
I've listened this several times now. The recording is very good in its own ways: BBC Music Magazine reviewed the album with following results: Performance: **** (Excellent), Recording: ***** (Outstanding)
The recording - which luckily includes the additional bass channel (0.1) - is simply terrific: the famous Wolf Glen's Scene (Disc 2, Track 1) is performed thrillingly. The first minutes contains the distant lightning strikes. My subwoofer launched on during this moment. I heard the sound of the lightning strike from my surround speakers. Exciting listening experience, indeed!

Post by Kal Rubinson July 26, 2015 (3 of 3)
The adventurous might enjoy "Hunter's Bride," a full film realization of Der Freischutz with the LSO under Daniel Harding. The Arthaus BluRay is well-done.