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Discussion: Bach: Violin Concertos - Hahn/Kahane

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Post by Wilhelm—Xu Zhong-Rui May 6, 2014 (1 of 1)
Thanks mekduk,
not that criticism's bad, compliments, good ; what's better (or, truly, Best) are 'Discussions' of recordings dominating the 1st Page ?

To add, I bring awareness to this album :
And if my [Desert Island Discs] choices are exclusively from SA-CDs, my second track would be the Adagio, performed by Hilary Hahn, from Bach's Concerto for Violin, Strings and Continuo in E major, BWV 1042

Simply, for our forum, I'd prefer to know what titles Users right now, friends and antagonists are actively discussing (whether from attested past releases or the less tested recent...

Because this 'community' was founded on 'reviewing' the physical disc...

Well, thanks again for not minding my antiquated, lulling writing style ; I chose it over curt...

I believe that Hilary, 'Foreword' liner notes, writes admirably :
While I was warming up in a dressing room recently, a piece of artwork on the wall caught my eye. In the center was the following excerpt from T. S. Eliot: “... The past experience revived in the meaning / Is not the experience of one life only / But of many generations ..."

Had Eliot been describing the music of J. S. Bach, he would have hit the nail right on the head. As with many other works of classical music, countless interpretations of these four concerti have been passed from generation to generation, from teacher to student, from legendary musician to admirer, and from colleague to colleague. In Bach's case, this continuation of tradition has lasted well over two centuries. The world has changed greatly since he composed these works, but through it all, his music has remained unsullied, a touchstone of emotional purity...

Also, Bach: Violin Concertos - Hahn/Kahane is the stereo SACD-SHM :)

Best wishes,