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Post by tream March 11, 2015 (11 of 11)
The shortcomings of The Barbican Concert Hall are well documented but exaggerated by those who have never been inside the place - no doubt including most on here - whilst the more recent live recordings of concerts by Classic Sounds have actually been very good and captured the hall acoustic rather well.
OK, I have criticized the Barbican, but I have been there - and also to the Philharmonie, the Musikvereinssaal, the Herkulessaal, and a number of other venues in Europe and North America......and I personally believe that...well to say it nicely, a city of the musical importance of London needs a new concert venue.

My home hall (Davies in San Francisco) is not perfect - but it is better than the Barbican. The only place I have heard a major symphony orchestra that I consider to be as poor as the Barbican is Flint Center, which is located some 40 miles to the south of San Francisco. The SF Symphony occasionally plays there.

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