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Discussion: Bolcom, Corigiliano, Garner, Heggie, Woolf: Cabaret songs ("The Hours Begin to Sing") - Delan, Pankonin, Haimovitz, Rubtsov

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Post by Lute April 18, 2015 (1 of 1)
This SACD is highly recommended for anyone who loves vocal recitals. It's a splendid collection of songs by contemporary American composers and beautifully sung by Lisa Delan. The various arrangements include piano, cello, clarinet, and flute. The recording is slightly close and vivid, but it also has a warm ambience.

Here's a video discussing this recording and its companion Bolcom, Corigliano, Garner, Getty, Heggie, Woolf: Cabaret songs "And if the Song be Worth a Smile" - Delan, Mentzer, Haimovitz, Pankonin, which I just added to my shopping list.

And...a recent article from the San Francisco Classical Voice... It's sad to hear that Kristin Pankonin, the pianist on this SACD, passed away last summer.