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Post by samayoeruorandajin June 9, 2015 (21 of 26)
Hardly gossip, as much as you think it is. It's called mentioning her interest...period. I didn't give out her private info and mentioned her because I know she likes/liked the player in question. If she's interested, she can say so herself via her blog. If she didn't want that private info listed, then she herself should delete it.

As for her current income situation, I don't know and perhaps no one else here does either. However, she's in the past talked about her limitations. If that's changed, no one here knows since she hasn't posted in a while.

Post by dwh357 June 9, 2015 (22 of 26)
I didn't mean to stir up any trouble. I again appreciate everything. This forum has been extremely helpful. Any future interest and people can contact me directly by email or look for listing on audiogon/ebay (I may post relevant listing info if that is appropriate). Thanks again to all,; you should be proud of the wonderful community you have created here.

Post by cpwheeler June 10, 2015 (23 of 26)
I am not interested in the player but would be happy to see your list of titles and potentially make an offer on some of the discs. My email is

Post by DSD June 10, 2015 (24 of 26)
Hi Daniel,

While I do love the sound of tubes, I’ve not heard the Shanling SCD-T200 SACD Player. I used to own a tubed SACD player, the Xindak SCD-2. I have a tubed preamp, however my physical media player is a Yamaha Blu-ray player which also plays SACD. I also have a Teac DAC for DSD and PCM downloads.

Ubertrout is correct about my poor health, which is one of the reasons I seldom post anywhere. I go into more details on my blog, just click the “Personal message” at the top of the page.

I did have intense financial problems awhile back. I’m now retired with Social Security and Medicare. So I am getting the medical care I need, and now have enough income to satisfy my basic needs and money for new SACDs and high resolution downloads, however the Shanling would be way out of my price range as Social Security is my only income.

To everyone else, hello. I try to visit at least once a week to check out new releases and reviews.

Post by Lute June 10, 2015 (25 of 26)
DSD said:
Hi Teresa!

Nice to hear from you. I'm glad things have gotten more on an even keel and you're well. We'd love to have you join us more. Please feel free to chime in anytime.

Post by samayoeruorandajin June 10, 2015 (26 of 26)
Very good to see you again Teresa. Hope you remain on the upswing with your health. That's the most important thing.

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