Thread: Avanticlassic: Live album Martha Argerich / Alexandre Rabinovitch-Barakovsky

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Post by Windsurfer December 13, 2006 (11 of 12)
Avanticlassic said:

Dear Polly,

As soon as it is ready, I promised I will let you know.
Polina played for me some Liszt,... It is stunning !!!

Technically it is simply amazing but there are so much risks, so much ideas,... I think you won't be disappointed.

Thanks again for the support.



Just to let you know Windsurfer is also looking forward to this!

Post by Avanticlassic December 15, 2006 (12 of 12)
Dear Arthur,
Dear Windsurfer,

We plan to use always the same technology. We work hand in hand with Sony DADC who are the creator of this technology.

But I have to be honest with you, technological wizardry is not my primary goal. I am even sceptical. I was one introduced to an incredible Shoeps microphone lately but I was not impressed by the result. I am always submitting the technology to my hear. That is for me what counts (Timbre, colors, natural ambiance, ...). So if I use DXD, it is simply because I think this gives the most faithfull result.

I am so happy you like Polina! For my part, I feel blessed to have met her. You can not believe how genial she is. I hope we will make you feel crazy when you will listen to her Liszt...

Have a great day,


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