Thread: A good player for a SACD newbie ?

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Post by raffells February 5, 2008 (21 of 23)
Howling Coyote said:

Does anyone of you know this Sony and can give me an opinion ?

Thanks and cheers

Yes its a very nice sounding player.
I modded a couple simply by improving the power lead and also placing rubber damping underneath the feet.
There is a known problem with this and many siumilair Sony Machines .It is the Housing the lazer fits into gets hot and the lazer possibly moves from its original position and eventually stops reading sacds.Cds are ok.
Strange though ut will still read DVDs when this fault occurs.
So if you buy it make sure you follow the instructions re air space above and below the machine.Most people dont.

Post by miguelito54 February 6, 2008 (22 of 23)
Claude said:

The Marantz SA 7001 would be a good option too:

I bought this last year - the tuned up "ki" version - and am quite satisfied with it.

Post by Howling Coyote February 23, 2008 (23 of 23)
Thank you all for your help ! I got the Sony DVP-NS 900 V and really like it. Tested several SACDs on it and I am satisfied at all. Looks new, was from a friend and cost me 100 Euro including all. So a real good start into the SACD world for me.

@ rafells: Thank you for your helpful ideas about the "modification" of the player.

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