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Discussion: I was like WOW! - Jörgen van Rijen

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Post by Beagle February 23, 2009 (1 of 4)
"[2006 BBT Award winner] Jörgen van Rijen passionately advocates and demonstrates the validity of the trombone as a solo instrument. Featuring studio footage from Amsterdam, our film includes baroque concerti with Combattimento Consort and an extraordinary work by Jacob Ter Veldhuis "I was like WOW!" inspired by a documentary film ("Purple Hearts" courtesy of VPRO Dutch Television, directed by Roel van Broekhoven) with US soldiers injured in the Iraq War."
-- Borletti-Buitoni Trust 'supporting a family of young musicians'


Post by hiredfox February 25, 2009 (2 of 4)
Sure but is this valid classical music or just an adventure in sonic voyeurism? Frankly it doesn't appeal to me one itzy bit; am getting tired of the pop-diva approach to fame through the classical music 'charts'.

Post by rio98765 August 30, 2010 (3 of 4)
I haven't seen the film, & will look out for it. But to be fair the disc is definitely of high musical worth throughout and I am very pleased that I bought it. The pieces are all genuine works for trombone, and some, including the title track, were written for van Rijen. My only caveat is that he's not using a period instrument in the Mozart. Everything else is 20th century or contemporary.

Let's face it - you wouldn't normally venture into cyberspace thinking "Hmm... I think I feel like buying a trombone solo recording today". I'm very grateful to whoever wrote the review that I saw some years back. Taking on their enthusiasm has expanded my musical mindset.

The recording is terrific. In surround you are in a concert hall. The bigness of the trombone's sound is obvious but the sound floats over your head. Play it in SACD stereo and you have the trombone in your room, and that is one hell of an experience. It sounds dangerously real!

P: ***** S: *****/****


Post by classicrecordings August 30, 2010 (4 of 4)
Peter, why don't you write up a complete review? I for one would be interested in knowing more about the recording before purchasing it.