Thread: What Was Your First SACD?

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Post by JCCNY May 20, 2010 (51 of 80)
The Stones Aftermath in 2002, but I didn't know what a SACD was. Only picked up a player six months ago and have about 30 discs now - first one was Tommy. It's depressing that there is such a limited selection of SACD's and DVD Audio discs.

Post by dschawv May 20, 2010 (52 of 80)
Strauss-Also Sprach Zarathustra and Heldenleben-CSO/Reiner.
Bought before I had an SACD player. Loved it and even more in the SACD player.
My favorite is Chailly's Mahler 3.

Post by RWetmore May 20, 2010 (53 of 80)
I think mine was the Szell Grieg and Mussorgsky disc. This was back in 2000.

Post by Andrew48 May 20, 2010 (54 of 80)
Deep Purple, Live on the BBC. Recorded in 1972, true 'you are there' feel, coupled by the record company with a couple of irrelevant bonus tracks that make no real sense in this context but it's the live show that sparkles, warts and all.

Post by NINA.W May 21, 2010 (55 of 80)
Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd too.

Post by Oakland May 24, 2010 (56 of 80)
Kal Rubinson said:

This one. It came with the first SACD Philips SACD-1000 I reviewed and I never gave it back. ;-)


By remote chance, is the SACD cover image the one I sent you? :)

Robert C. Lang

Post by Oakland May 24, 2010 (57 of 80)
I jumped into this Fall 1999 when I bought my SCD-1. Judging by my first SACD post (January 2000) it looks like I bought several first SACDs at one time, all Sony, from Bruno Walter, Leonard Bernstein, Miles Davis, and Herbie Hancock. I made specific mention of Walter's Beethoven 5th. I also mentioned an unintersting Telarc Sampler and a nice Sony Sampler that came with the Sony.

Robert C. Lang

Post by Epsilon May 25, 2010 (58 of 80)
Pink Floyd DSOTM. I bought it on a sale (very good price) at the local record store even though I did not have an SACD player yet. I remembered how different it had sounded from other rock albums when we used to listen to the vinyl album at a friend's house back at school. Later on I bought another SACD in another store: Tangerine Dream's Rubycon, also on a sale (strange how rare that item became since then). And then out of curiosity I bought my player.

Post by Kveld-Úlfr November 5, 2014 (59 of 80)
Era: The Very Best of, which I had bought while not having any SA-CD player yet... but was planning to.
The first one I bought after aquiring my first player was Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms.

If I remember correctly, the ones that followed were : Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon, Shostakovich: Jazz Suites, The Bolt, Tahiti Trot - Yablonsky, Toto: Toto IV...

Post by fredblue November 5, 2014 (60 of 80)
It was 2003 and my then boyfriend bought me the Hybrid SACD set of Elton John/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road as a Christmas present. I already had DTS and DVD-A's but no SACDs as no SACD playback and didn't get an SACD player until 2007 (turns out I backed the wrong horse in 2001 by not going SACD!).. I bought several SACDs in the intervening years but only ever played the redbook layers on those Hybrids.. once I'd heard SACD in all its scarlet book glory there was no turning back, I was hooked.. and nearly 11 years on I now have over 600 SACDs.. with almost 500 SACDs still to get on my Wish List, its an addiction for which there is seemingly no cure!

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