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Discussion: Music of John Williams - Yo-Yo Ma

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Post by Johnno June 16, 2005 (1 of 7)

Ater reading your review of this disc, are you saying if we think "Jaws", "Close Encounters", "Star Wars, "Indiana Jones" or "ET" we should look elsewhere?

Post by Dinko June 16, 2005 (2 of 7)
I would say this: if you see "John Williams" and think about great tunes, memorable "at first hear"... then, yes, you should look elsewhere.

Which doesn't mean this album is very hard to listen to. Like almost all John Williams concert works, the items here are less obvious at first listen than the Superman march. They often need repeated listens. This is a style Williams also uses often in his film scores, although very rarely as the main theme.

I've never heard this SACD, but the CD version sounds incredible.

By the way, for anyone who liked this album, the Violin Concerto (Gil Shaham / Boston Symphony / Williams / DGG), the trumpet concerto (Sandoval / LSO / Feldman / Denouement) and the oboe concerto (Leclerc? / LSO / Williams / Sony Classical) are quite recommendable.
I know there are also recordings of the horn concerto (ASV?). I'd like to hear the symphonies, but no one has recorded them.

Post by peteyspambucket June 17, 2005 (3 of 7)
I agree that these are not very accessible pieces. I have this SACD, and I listened to it again today because I saw the review. I was reminded that this music is very poetic, and deep. It is not filled with catchy tunes. It has motifs that are unmistakeably John Williams, with little secondary-themes from Superman, A.I., Star Wars, Raiders, Minority, Schinder's, etc... but these are mostly similarities in orchestration styles. No direct quotes, but there are a few "sounds-like" sections. I think the sound is superb, and it's definitely worth getting if you are a Williams fan. The US version is already out of print, and it's getting harder to find. Grab it now on SACD before it's gone.

I may be inspired to write a full review, but I won't make any promises, since I've said that before!

Post by raffells June 17, 2005 (4 of 7)
Johnno said:


Ater reading your review of this disc, are you saying if we think "Jaws", "Close Encounters", "Star Wars, "Indiana Jones" or "ET" we should look elsewhere? YES

Hi again...I started the review Knowing it was going to be difficult mainly beacause the start of the sacd cello concerto is probably the hardest part to PSB states there are references to JW others themes but not that easy to find and its not the usual John Williams type film music presentation....The opening theme part is the only obstacle to an instant rewarding sacd.....sorry but ...I do not sit and rewrite the composers intentions from the flysheet but listen to pieces as a musical entertainment... If you are a Jaws.. Starwars type muscial listener rather than a classical concerto / symphony listener then This falls very heavily into the latter.sorry I didnt make it clearer..The two cello/orchestral pieces that follow are more in the middle of the two categories........For the sacd fanataic I have clearly indicated 5 stars recording quality.....excellent depth.......Please note my 3910 bears very little resemblances to the original item sonically......Just to add a touch of controversy...You can always go back to the Korngold originals if you want to find some of JW tunes...Thay should keep the subject rolling.......Dave

Post by Polly Nomial June 17, 2005 (5 of 7)
raffells said:

You can always go back to the Korngold originals if you want to find some of JW tunes...

Why stop there? Holst, Prokofiev & Ravel are three composers that come immediately to mind when listening to a score such as Star Wars (any number).

Post by Johnno June 17, 2005 (6 of 7)
You can probably add Stravinsky to that list too. Nevertheless, he is currently my favourite film score composer and I'm tempted to try this disc of his concert music.

Post by peteyspambucket June 19, 2005 (7 of 7)
He's currently my favorite film score composer who is alive, since Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann are no longer with us.