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Discussion: Mahler: Symphony No. 5 - Barbirolli

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Post by Euell Neverno March 3, 2012 (1 of 4)
This review raises an interesting point about sound. While there is no issue in comparing the sound of a particular LP with the sound of a remastered SACD, this will primarily reflect the preferences of the respective recording engineers and producers, as well as the playback equipment. The sound of an LP will vary somewhat depending upon the characteristics of the pickup. Playback equipment used for SACD also has an impact on the sound, right down to the interconnects. Thus, it is a mistake to generalize as regards comparison of the characteristics of the LP vs. SACD media based upon a single recording. Of course, many of us have opinions for better or ill.

Post by Polly Nomial March 3, 2012 (2 of 4)
Buyers should note that if this is an authentic transcription of the original recording, then there's some pretty important horn writing missing from the 3rd movement!

(It was later corrected for CD by the same player that had gone AWOL.)

Post by hiredfox March 5, 2012 (3 of 4)
The review is surprising to me and no doubt to a few others who bought into the Esoteric SACD project at start only to find that the early promise on sound quality was not maintained for very long.

Subsequently, many of us have abandoned the label for good. Too expensive for the quality on offer and 'not a patch' on the new EMI SACD's that are on paper essentially similar to the Esoteric's with some notable overlaps to offer A/B comparison if that's how you like to spend your time.

Post by Claude March 6, 2012 (4 of 4)
It would be interesting to know if the PCM files that Esoteric uses for their SACDs have been prepared by the same engineers that do the EMI SACDs.