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  Francois Couperin: Keyboard Music 2 - Angela Hewitt
  Francois Couperin: Vingt Cinquieme Ordre (La Visionaire, La Misterieuse, La Monflambert, La Muse Victieuse, Les Ombres Errantes), Vingt Unieme Ordre (La Reine des coeurs, La Bondissante, La Couperin, La Harpee, La Petite Pince sans rire), Vingt Quatrieme Ordre (Les Dars homicides, L'Amphibie), Vingt Sixieme Ordre (La Convalescente, Gavote, La Sophie, L'Epineuse, La Pantomime), Vingt Septieme Ordre (L'Exquise, Les Pavots, Les Chinois, Saillie)

Angela Hewitt
Track listing:
  Total time: 73:05
  Classical - Instrumental
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Review by georgeflanagin July 4, 2006 (8 of 8 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
Someday I shall be forgiven for this being my first review here. Some leniency should also be shown to me because French Baroque music is outside my area of real knowledge; I shall attempt to combine some of Glenda's comments about Angela Hewitt's playing.

But first, this disc has the most amazing, unintended low notes, that I have ever heard. My guess is that this is the Tube noise underneath Henry Wood Hall. It has been six years since I was in London, so I am not sure. Those of you who have hifis that go all the way down to 20Hz and even below may want to turn the subwoofer off completely. The Tube noise persists throughout, but if you want to really experience it in its house shaking glory, cut #5 (Les Ombres Errantes, from Book 25) is your best listen.

Glenda and I saw Angela Hewitt live in Melbourne last year during the concert series that surrounded her recording project of the seven Bach keyboard concerti. Yes, we live 11,000 miles away, but sometimes you must travel a bit to achieve your listening goals. Glenda says that Ms. Hewitt's trills and turns are among her greatest talents, and it is my opinion that she uses the Baroque ornamentations to good effect to direct your attention to particular lines in the music.

I was new to Couperin -- I bought the disc primarily because Angela Hewitt was playing it, and I think I have everything she has recorded except for the Ravel discs. Volume 2 (this disc) is definitely the most engaging one of the three disc set, at least if you are unfamiliar with French Baroque music, or if your goal is to hear it played on a modern piano.

This is one of the last discs that Ms. Hewitt recorded before she switched over to Fazioli for her Chopin traversal. I believe that this music may have been better served by the sound of Fazioli rather than Steinway. The playing is a bit heavy, and it begins to sound "thick" after a while. But then, despite the recital aspect of the disc as a for-purchase item, one probably would not want to listen to 73 minutes of Couperin. I suggest trying one "book" at a time.

Particularly enjoyable on this album are cuts 13-17 (Book 26). All said, this has been an enjoyable introduction to music I knew little about. I own all three of the discs.

You are welcome to email me with recommendations on how to improve my reviews. My skin is not particularly thin.

Kind Regards,

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