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  Linn Records -
  CKD 238
  Songs by Richard Strauss, Bruno Walter & Joseph Marx - Emma Bell
  Bruno Walter: Tragödien I-III Op. 12 No. 4-6; Des Kindes Schlaf; Die Lerche; Elfe; Waltrauds Lied I & II Op. 11 No. 3 & 4; Liebeslust Op. 11/6
Joseph Marx: Hat dich die Liebe berührt; Ein Drängen ist in meinem Herzen; Traumgekrönt; Und gestern hat er mir Rosen gebracht
Richard Strauss: Mädchenblumen Op. 22 No. 1-4; Du meines Herzens Krönelein Op. 21/2; Traum durch die Dämmerung Op. 29/1; Nachtgang Op. 29/3; Das Rosenband Op. 36/1; Hat gesagt belibtís nicht dabei Op. 36/3; Muttertändelei Op. 43/2; Freundliche Vision Op. 48/1; Schlechtes Wetter Op. 69/5

Emma Bell (soprano)
Andrew West (piano)
Track listing:
  Classical - Vocal
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Review by Oscar June 27, 2005 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
This is quite an interesting disc, containing not only lesser known lieder by Richard Strauss, but also little known lieder by Bruno Walter and Joseph Marx. The big surprise here are the works by this last composer. Not only good compositions, but affording quite intense renderings of the texts used. By contrast, the Bruno Walter pieces sound lighter, but always interesting and well composed.

Emma Bell, the soprano was, I feel, not properly recorded. Hers is an ample lyrical soprano voice, and at her more expansive moments the voice does not sound comfortable. Although it has a wide range, her emission is not smooth throughout.

The recording sounds to mee a bit to reverberant, giving at times a strange accoustic to the voice and piano.
All in all, an interesting disc, worth exploring for the lesser known works.

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Works: 7  

Richard Strauss - 3 Gesänge älterer deutscher Dichter, TrV 196 Op. 43
Richard Strauss - 3 Lieder, TrV 172 Op. 29
Richard Strauss - 4 Lieder, TrV 186 Op. 36
Richard Strauss - 4 Mädchenblumen, TrV 153 Op. 22
Richard Strauss - 5 Kleine Lieder, TrV 237 Op. 69
Richard Strauss - 5 Lieder, TrV 202 Op. 48
Richard Strauss - 5 Schlichte Weisen, TrV 160 Op. 21