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  Telarc -
  Vivaldi: Gloria, Bach: Magnificat - Pearlman
  Vivaldi: Gloria in D major RV 589, Bach: Magnificat in D major BWV 243

Boston Baroque
Martin Pearlman
Track listing:
  Classical - Vocal
Recording type:
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Review by mwagner1962 February 5, 2006 (14 of 14 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
All I can saw is WOW, another sonic masterpiece from Telarc!!!! First, to the powers that be at Concord: yes, you now own Telarc, but please listen to this SACD and then make a permanent decision to NOT screw up a great company!!! Please, leave Telarc to continue to do what they do so well...make GREAT recordings for SACD!!!

Now, on to the SACD. Following on the heels of the marvelous Bach Orchestral Suites and the Handel Water Music and Fireworks, Martin Pearlman and his Boston Baroque forces team up and produce another stunning recording.

As a veteran of playing trumpet in the Bach Magnificat and Vivaldi Gloria (as well as singing in another different performance of Vivaldi's Gloria) I can easily say that these are wonderful interpretations with excellent singing, period instruments that do NOT sound like period instruments (a mark of truly great musicians) and a choir with just the right number of singers. I will clarify this statement by saying (and I will admit that I am not a serious Bach or Vivaldi scholar) that I find some of the recording of Bach's choral pieces to be "thinned" out by the sometimes tiny choirs. No, I do not want a Mormon Tabernacle Choir sized choir singing Bach (though it might very well be glorious) but nor do I want to hear just one or two vocalists on a part (as in some of the Harmonia Mundi/Netherlands Bach recordings). On this recording the 22 singers (I counted them in the picture from one of the recording sessions!!!) gives a nice and full sound while not dominating like a huge choir might. To me, just the right balance!!!

The sound is Telarc's usual high quality: warm, full, magnificent, with plenty of air and a nice balance between the orchestra and choir....imaging is excellent with a nice and full sound between the speakers (I listen basically in 2-channel) and there is nice space around the vocal soloists.

Sadly, I have no other recordings (on SACD or redbook) of either piece. All I can compare these two performances to are killer memories of excellent personal performances while in grad school. If you liked (or loved) the two previous Telarc SACDs (the Bach and Handel) you should truly enjoy this one as well!!!

Highly recommended!!!

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Review by thepilot February 24, 2006 (5 of 7 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
Yes this is a trully magnificent disc with splendid sound and performances of white hot intensity that will send shivers down your spine. You have to go back to Muti's exemplary performances (for EMI) to find so distinguished performances of these two masterpieces. A desert island disc.

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Review by capezio January 28, 2011 (2 of 10 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
Tube recording. Don't spend your money and time on this SACD.

My interest on this CD grown as I listened to it´s samples and considered it´s low price and nice classic repertoire.
Listening to it as soon as the CD arrived my expectations have changed and I don´t recommend it.

Martin Pearlman have received some accolades for some of his readings and he has a good team of players.
For the Vivaldi he used a reduced choral group and a small ensemble with gut strings.
The Vivaldi reading is good but not the best around. I recommend you to get Vittorio Negri´s readings with the John Aldis Choir. They are reference on Vivaldi choral music (on redbook CD) but with a great sound.

The Bach Magnificat is not good and the first track of the piece shows that the group isn't in the mood to praise God for the promise of the Redemptor incarnation. You should go to Gardiner with the Monteverdi Choir that, although a redbook CD, is far better technically and have a nice spacious sound.

The worse on this CD, although is a SACD, is the recording.
It´s difficult to understand why Telarc mastered it as we are listening to the group through a great tube. There is no sound stage and the volume is very low, as we are listen to the payers singing in a kind of a bathroom-acoustics.
I have some SACD, some other 300 CD and I´m comparing the sound played on a Magnepan 3.6R planar speaker.
I even didn't´t listen to the complete CD and I´m just thinking on someone to give it to.

Don't spend your money on this, try the options listed, they are far better.

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Works: 2  

Johann Sebastian Bach - Magnificat in D major, BWV 243 (after BWV 243a)
Antonio Vivaldi - Gloria in D major, RV 589