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  CPO -
  777 071-2
  Respighi: La Pentola Magica - Conti
  Respighi: La Pentola Magica, La Sensitiva, Aretusa

Damiana Pinti (mezzo soprano)
Orchestra Sinfonica del Teatro Massimo di Palermo
Marzio Conti (conductor)
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Site review by Castor October 9, 2006
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Site review by mwagner1962 October 3, 2006
Performance:   Sonics:  
I bought this SACD as it features three pieces of Respighi that I was totally unfamiliar with. Most have heard Respighi's more famous pieces like Pines of Rome and Roman Festivals, so these selections were somewhat tantalizing.

All three are classified as tone poems, with the two outer selections being compositions for mezzo soprano and orchestra and the middle selection (the title of the album) is purely orchestral.

The first selection, La Sensitiva (The Sensitive Plant) really has not specific themes, other than what I perceive to be pure melancholy. This to me is a very nice piece and I cannot understand why it has languished in obscurity for so long.

La Pentola Magica was actually scored for a ballet at the request of Diaghilev. The plot (explained in the booklet) is mildly entertaining, dealing with a spoiled little girl, daughter of a Czar. The plot is not important, the music however, IS important. Of all three compositions, this one alone gives the best taste of Respighi.

Aretusa is the final selection, and is based on Greek myths recorded in the Metamorphoses of Ovid. Once again, the music is very nice and very typical of Respighi.

While the music is excellent (though not as thrilling as the later "Roman Trilogy", it is still nice to have these selections recorded!!!

I have come to really like the sound of CPO recordings. However, this recording is simply not quite up to the normal standards I have come to expect, especially compared to the Weignartner symphonies with Letonja. The sound is at times somewhat murky, especially on the loud orchestral tuttis. When the music get soft, I can get a nice sense of space, but that feeling of space quickly disappears when the brass enter....then the sounds gets really close. Sometimes the recording has a nice warm feel, then other times it is z tad cool. Oh well, this does not wreck the just lowers the ratings a bit

Not the best sounding CPO, but still a worthy addition to the library of those who love Respighi!!

Works: 3  

Ottorino Respighi - Aretusa for Mezzo & Orchestra, P. 095
Ottorino Respighi - La Pentola Magica, P. 129
Ottorino Respighi - La Sensitiva, P. 104