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  Dvorák: Silent Woods, music for Cello and Piano - Poltera, Stott
  DVORÁK, Antonín:
Sonatina in G major, Op.100/B. 183 for violin and piano
Rondo in G minor, Op. 94/B. 171
Silent Woods (Klid), Op. 68 No.5/B. 173
Arrangement by the composer of No. 5 of From the Bohemian Forest (ZeSumavy) for piano four-hands
Songs My Mother Taught Me (Kdyz mne stará matka)
No. 4 of Gypsy Songs (Cigánské melodie), Op. 55/B. 104
Good Night (Dobrú noc)
No. 1 of In Folk Tone (V národním tónu), Op. 73/B. 146
Polonaise in A major, Op. posth./B. 94
Larghetto in G minor
No. 4 of Romantic Pieces (Romantické kusy) for violin and piano, Op. 75a/B. 150
Song to the Moon (Mesícku na nebi hlubokém) from Rusalka, Op. 114/B. 203
Lasst mich allein (Leave Me Alone)
No. 1 of Four Songs (Ctyri písne), Op. 82/B. 157

Christian Poltéra (cello)
Kathryn Stott (piano)
Track listing:
  Classical - Chamber
Recording type:
Recording info:
  24/96 recording

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Site review by Geohominid November 11, 2012
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Works: 9  

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