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  CD : Onkyo 7600
SACD : Philips 720SA
amp : NAD 320BEE
speakers : Fostek kit (stereo)

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King Crimson Quad Remasters: DVD-Audio Format confirmed
May 7, 2009
The King Crimson albums a famous for their excellent sound. The 2003 remasters where very good : at last, a recent remaster that did not fell into the loudness war ! I listned them again last week, and I confirm : KS is the best band of the fisrst half of the 70's. It's music, it's sound is always fresh. King Crimson in DVD-A . Good news. But I'd ... more
Jordi Savall: Which SACDs should I look for?
April 30, 2009
Don't forget also two very enjoyable records of XV-XVIe century music : "Mille regrez Music of the time of Charles V" "Isabel I, Reina De Castilla". ... more
King Crimson hi-def remasters: SACD or DVD Audio?
January 13, 2009
The last remasters ("30st anniversary edition") where HDCD and sounded quite good. ... more
Metallica - sounde engineer has pride, but no control
September 22, 2008
Yes. I have the hybrid SACD version of "Playing the Angel". The SACD and the RBCD have a very different sound. The SACD tracks sound is beautiful, with good dynamics. The RBCD track is awfully over-compressed, unlistenable. Sure, the mastering is different. ...As if they had volontarily degraded the RBCD sound in order to "highlight the superior ... more
No SACD available in Virgin Megastores
September 6, 2007
In FNAC's at Paris, classical SACD are widely available, among the CDs. For example Alia Vox series. ... more