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Multi Channel Capturing SACD discs to FLAC 5.1
March 6, 2009
Bruce of DSD_Mastering: I'm very curious, how do you get the DSD info out? It's supposed to be crypto-protected?... ... more
The inherent superiority of the SACD medium
March 3, 2009
The most recent challenge is not vinyl but tape: As one of the founders, Paul Stubblebine, is an accomplished SACD engineer, it's very interesting they say nothing comes close to the master tapes copied as they do. They do 15 IPS stereo on a Technics RS-1500 with replaced electronics. I went and proposed an SACD vs Tape ... more
That darn yen, again!
February 19, 2009
It's really funny to observe some immature flame-fest interspersed with serious note savoring on this forum. Shows how an eclectic a mix a technology can attract. ... more
That darn yen, again!
February 17, 2009
Dear Bissie -- I'd also like to ask you, as well as the Channel guy and the Pentaman, here: Cheers! :) ... more
Question for Pentaman
February 17, 2009
As long as this is the thread to ask Pentaman, I'd like to call attention to Thanks! :) ... more