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  Jann Weiss
  Nola Viper Signature + ELAC 4PI PLUS.2 super tweeter/ Alon LCR Reference
Orpheus Two MCH Preamp / Odyssey Stratos Amp + Nuforce V2 SE
Sony scd-xa333 TRL modded player / Oppo 95 modded by EVS
Power Cord DCCA Eminence + Kaplan PC / Anticables + VSE Silver foil speaker and IC cables

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Discussion: Wagner: Gotterdämmerung - Janowski
December 15, 2013
I have the Valencia/Mehta Ring with Lance Ryan. He sung Siegfried in a better vocal shape than in this Götterdämmerung. Here, in the duo with Brünnhilde, the uncertainty of pitch is distracting at the beginning. It becomes better after. But the real problem is that his voice lacks thickness and stability in the emission. His singing is often nasal ... more
Discussion: Wagner: Parsifal - Janowski
March 6, 2012
I have received my copy of Parsifal directed by Janowski and for me the recording is not on the same level of quality (soundwise) than the first two recordings of Wagner’s opera by Pentatone. I have just listen one time the first three disks and I could’nt really appreciate Janowski interpretation, who I normally like very much, because I perceived ... more
I Hate Direct Stream Digital
December 24, 2011
In the above graph (about the output of a 40khz tone with a Sony SCD-X780), the signal/noise ratio is very good : near 90 db at 40kHz. I think perhaps that in normal music content frequencies of these kind are of lesser amplitude in regard with content around 2kz, for example. Picture should then not be so good. To know it exactly, you have to ... more
Multichannel without using a receiver?
December 14, 2011
I am using an Orpheus Two Stereo/Multi-channel preamplifier which give me total satisfaction. I bought a second-hand model here in Switzerland and I have seen several times this preamplifier on audiogon for ~ 2500$ (normal price, perhaps 7000 $). This model has received very high praises on ... more
More Wagner on SACD!
November 9, 2010
Curious that you find that the only weakness is the Bruenhilde of Jennifer Wilson. I find her voice the revelation of this Ring. She has a huge vocal power, a creamy middle register with beautiful color and high notes which are about the best you can hear. A very promising wagnerian soprano. A voice without any wobble, something wchich is rare with ... more