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Discussion: Michael Jackson: Thriller
March 19, 2004
Anyone?? I was sure someone would know!! Hotso ... more
Discussion: Michael Jackson: Thriller
February 26, 2004
Hi All, Anyone know what format the Michael Jackson "Thriller" was originally recorded in? It was 1983 or thereabouts but it could have been digital. 3M or Sony or even Mitsubishi......someone out there knows! Hotso ... more
The Source is God!
November 19, 2003
Hi Dan, I use Pro Tools HD for recording and like you, use 88.2k. 24 bit for nearly all work. You're right in the conversion to 44.1 is nice and easy. It's a while since I produced a master on 1/2 inch Studer running at 30ips (non Dolby) or 15 ips (Dolby SR) ! But if we are to take in account SACD as the finished product what do you think we ... more
The Source is God!
November 18, 2003
Thanks for that Zeus, I understood that dithering or otherwise adding noise, didn't actually increase the resolution but just made it sound more 'natural'. Low level noise added to the signal hides the quantisation noise in the lower level signals. For example, the end of fades, quiet intro's etc. As for HDCD, I'm still waiting an explanation of ... more
The Source is God!
November 17, 2003
Just thought I would begin a dialogue about the source of SACD. I presume that material recorded in the last 20 years is in the main 16 bit 44.1khz in it's multi-track form. However you mix this, the resolution is still 16 bit 44.1 !! So, record companies may very well release material that says "remixed for SACD" or similar, but in reality, they ... more