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  Casey Clausen
  Quandom clarinetist, husband to a lovely contralto, subscriber to the Minnesota Orchestra, member of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Science Museum of Minnesota, Minnesota Public Radio, Minnesota Atheists, and friend to SACDs.

Growing up in Iowa, I claim proximal affiliation to Dvorak, John Wayne, and Clair Patterson. Now in Saint Paul, I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by good music. Aside from the wonderful choir of which my wife is a part, she and I have seen some memorable performances at Orchestra Hall. Those include Beethoven's 9th with all the soloists from BIS' wonderful recording, Jean Yves Thibaudet playing Themes on a Variation of Paganini, Aho's 9th symphony, and Sudbin with Beethoven's 4th piano concerto. Enjoyed Stephen Hough performing Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 and Alisa Weilerstein playing Shostakovich Cello Concerto No. 1. Most recently mourned during Vänskä's final farewell concert with the locked out Minnesota Orchestra musicians.

I've enjoyed this website for a number of years now, back to when I sold hi-fi in college, and am pleased to say I'm only a few discs away from having all of Bob Dylan's works available on SACD! It's hard to pick my favorite discs, but some include: Beethoven's 9th with the Minnesota Orchestra, Leontyne Price's Arias from the Living Stereo series, Beck's Sea Change, Van Cliburn's Tchaikovsky's 1st piano concerto from the Living Stereo series, Zenph re-performances of Gould and Tatum with the binaural headphone deal, the two Björk albums, Hough / Rachmaninov piano concerti cycle, and Roxy Music's Avalon.

Finally, just because you like bagpipes and taiko drums does not mean you should buy Ontophony.
  Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
  Marantz SR7000 receiver
Infinity Alpha series fronts, center, rear
Velodyne CHT15 sub
Pioneer DV563A SACD/DVD player

Grado SR225 headphones.

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July 2, 2014
I attended 33 live concerts this year. 26 with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and 7 with the Minnesota Orchestra. I never heard the SPCO play as soft as I hear in BIS SACDs, however I heard the Minnesota Orchestra play that quiet on several occasions, including on March 28th when Vänskä led Sibelius symphonies 1 and 4 in their Grammy Celebration. ... more
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March 20, 2014
Minnesota Public Radio is reporting that Michael Henson will step down on 8/31/14. This is great news, especially for those hoping that Osmo will return. Osmo was already scheduled to conduct the orchestra in Sibelius on 3/28/14. I hope that I will be applauding not only his return to stage, but also a return to his role as Music Director. I ... more
And how did YOU get hooked on classics?
March 15, 2014
In kindergarten, we had music class twice per week. My teacher, Ms. Grobe, played Fanfare for the Common Man during that year. It's the only thing I remember from the class. I asked for a Copland cassette for Christmas, and received a "greatest hits" with the Fanfare, El Salon Mexico, Appalachian Spring, and some others. As far as greatest hit ... more