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A good player for a SACD newbie ?
February 23, 2008
Thank you all for your help ! I got the Sony DVP-NS 900 V and really like it. Tested several SACDs on it and I am satisfied at all. Looks new, was from a friend and cost me 100 Euro including all. So a real good start into the SACD world for me. @ rafells: Thank you for your helpful ideas about the "modification" of the player. ... more
Dead Can Dance remasters in SACD!!
February 14, 2008
20.10 US $ seems really cheap to me. I am really looking forward to those discs. Anyone interested can subscribe a newletter for upcoming Deda can dance information: Cheers Kai ... more
A good player for a SACD newbie ?
February 3, 2008
Hello, by chance a friend offered me a Sony DVP NS 900V. He bought it around 2003. Searching the net I found it was an excellent one in it's days. I can test it and get it for little money if I like it. Will get it soon (we don't live close). Does anyone of you know this Sony and can give me an opinion ? Thanks and cheers Kai ... more
A good player for a SACD newbie ?
January 29, 2008
Thanks you for information and help, it is appreciated. About music: My interests have changed during the time. I am open to many music, except Radiopop, Hip Hop, Rap, Techno and german Folk-music (that Bavarian crime) and german Schlager. Lately I listen a lot to classical music, orchestral and opera and bands like Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Mono or ... more
A good player for a SACD newbie ?
January 28, 2008
Thanks, those two Hans also recommended. I called my local HIFI-dealer (yes, such stores still exist) this morning for a testlistening. Cheers Kai ... more