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  Gerald Bearman
  Life long Hi-Fi enthusiast.
  NW London
  Sony XA5400ES/DA5400ES combo HDMI connected (UK version with HATS) AVR pre-out into Prime Design A100 stereo amplifier for front speakers New Phantom Source Floor standers, centre speaker KEF XQ 50, rear speakers B&W M1 on stands, Sony BDP-1000ES/760 BD player, Samsung Smart UE55"6700 TV.

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Mahler: Symphony No. 6 - Abbado        (0 of 19 found this review helpful)
  May 15, 2011

Great recording, & performance, sensible pricing.

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You have been extremely lucky with your Arcam player as for Cambridge I would not buy either brand. A London Hi-Fi shop I visit regularly has two Arcam SACD players that have failed. shop owner has not even bothered to send them back for repair, apart from the fact that manager says no one ever asks for SACD players. ... more
Concern with sacd disc players
November 27, 2015
my XA5400ES mch SACD player has functioned perfectly for 7 years now . However I also bought a Sony BD player that plays SACD should my 5400ES fail and could not be repaired. ... more
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November 16, 2015
L.O.L. Kal I see your favoured B& W,s have now been replaced by simply awful looking new models and note the criticism of the old models which you were totally unaware of. My point is one must NEVER believe any of today,s reviewers you always have to listen for yourself. ... more
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