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  Bruce Brown
  Owner/Engineer Puget Sound Studios
  Seattle, WA
  Wilson Audio Alexia
Pass Labs XA-100.5
Pass Labs XP-30
Merging Pyramix 9.0 and Sonoma DSD workstations
Sequoia and Pro Tools PCM workstations
Grimm AD1
Playback Designs MPS-5
Korg MR2000s BLK
Tascam DA-3000
Mytek Stereo 192/DSD
SME 30/2 with Series V arm
Koetsu Coralstone
Goldfinger Statement
Doshi Audio phono pre
(2) Studer A80RC Mk II 1/4" and 1/2"
Otari MX-5050
Doshi Audio Tape head pre

JPS Labs Aluminata cable and Abyss Headphones

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Grimm audio company comes out of the DSD closet
November 22, 2014
I'd be the first in line if they did..... ... more
Grimm audio company comes out of the DSD closet
November 21, 2014
Well Quad-DSD doesn't seem to be getting a slow start here. Someone seemed to open up the flood gates. I get at least one or two calls a week asking about it. Seems to be the new buzz-word now. Chad even seemed concerned that his recordings were not being done in the highest DSD sample rate, because that's what his customers wanted. I'm pretty ... more
Grimm audio company comes out of the DSD closet
November 20, 2014
Tom is right. I've seen a higher influx of DSD projects coming in for mastering over the past few years from local studios. I even got a DSD128fs project from the Tri-cities here in WA! All the Alesis Masterlinks are breaking down and studios are buying Korg MR2000s and Tascam DA-3000 machines. I'm now getting label requests for quad-DSD tape ... more
How To: SACD Dynamic Range (DR)?
April 30, 2014
You need to do this with Native DSD recordings. ... more
How To: SACD Dynamic Range (DR)?
April 29, 2014
That's right.... the DSD data stream and PCM data stream are not exactly the same output level, especially when the discs are not within the "agreed upon" standard. "Most" of the time, the DSD file will have a greater DR or lower RMS than its equivalent PCM file. ... more