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  Amon Ra
  Photographer/videographer with audio recording as a hobby and semi-professional sideline
  OPPO BDP-103 for SACD as transport only
Denon Professional DN-500AV pre-pro for SACD and video, SACD DA-conversion
Tascam CD-200i rack player for CD (does CD-TEXT) as transport only
Crane Song Avocet class A monitor controller and 24/96 DAC for CD and audio/video editing
Genelec 7071A subwoofer
PMC DC-001 mono class-D power amplifiers
PMC IB2s transmission line monitor speakers
ADAM A7 nearfied monitors at editing desk
Heed Canamp
Sennheiser HD800 headphones
Audio Technica ATH-M50 monitoring headphones

For MCH: front channels PMC IB2S, center channel ADAM A8X active monitor, back channels ADAM A7 active monitors. All routed via Genelec 7071A bass management

Audio recording and editing: Sound Devices 722 field recorder, Prism Orpheus 8 channel ADC/DAC, Maselec MMA-4RX 4-channel mic-preamplifier, Pyramix, Reaper and Audition audio workstations for PC, Reaper, Boom Recorder, Wave Editor and Sample Manager for MacBook Pro/Mac Pro, a collection of microphones from Soundfield, Sennheiser, Sanken, DPA, Gefell, Pearl and Audio Technica.

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DACs - the core of your system
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DACs - the core of your system
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