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  Luc Vansteenkiste
  Dendermonde, Belgium
  Yamaha RX-V1065 AV Receiver
and Yamaha BD-A1020 player

684 front speakers
HTM 62 center speaker
685 rear speakers

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Works that we need on SACD
April 25, 2015
Just heard the pianoconcerto of Leroy Anderson. Very beautiful, would love that on SACD. ... more
Your Best SA-CD Album to WOW?
March 16, 2015
To be honest, I'm a bit reluctant to show the benefits of MCH what Pop/Rock is concerned. My reason? Well, to mho, there are not enough releases in MCH SACD or BluRay. Most are stereo. But if I really have to show off, I first play the original RBCD Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms and afterwards the SACD. Must say, the difference is stunning. What ... more
Which 3 SACD's did you play most during the past year?
December 19, 2014
Often do I wonder, mmm, what will I play now? And every so often I choose the same discs. Does this happen to you too? And which ones did you play most the past year? Should some crystallize out, it would help me a lot, and hopefully other fellow audiophiles too, in making future purchase choices. The ones I played most were: - Old, New and Blue: ... more
Excellent music still not available on SACD
December 5, 2014
Might be in the SACD list, but probably it will be in Stereo, 3 or 4 channel, historic recording or so. In that case I would also like a state of the art new recording in at least 5 channels. Lots of oop's to reissue too. Isaac Albeniz: Reissue of Suite Espagnole Bela Bartok: Piano Concerto, nr 3 Alban Berg: complete Lyric Suite Benjamin Britten: ... more
What Was Your First SACD?
November 5, 2014
Fischer Kreizberg. Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Bought it because it was recommended in a weekly. It became a constant tease to know what that Mch would sound like. After a while I went to a store where they sold SACD systems, heard the difference and was smitten on the spot. ... more