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Barber, Dutilleux: Piano Works - Mika Akiyama
Being beauteous, quintessence of flute playing - Maxence Larrieu, Hiroshi Nagao
Bezaly, Brautigam - Masterworks for Flute and Piano
Couleur - French Flute Music
Debussy: La Mer, Dutilleux: L'arbre des songes, Ravel: La valse - Sitkovetsky, Jansons
Dutilleux, Lutoslawski - Christian Poltera, Jac van Steen
Dutilleux: Piano sonata, Ravel: Le tombeau de Couperin - Stott
First Chairs of The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - Jörgen van Rijen
French Oboe Sonatas - Van den Hauwe, Ouziel, Boudrealt
Jiri Valek - Flutissimo
Masterpieces for Bassoon - Akio Koyama, Iva Navratova
Profanes et Sacrées - Boston Symphony Chamber Players
Sonatas for flute - Heinzmann
The Art of Arcanto Quartet
The Lyrical Bassoon