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Stay in Tune with PentaTone          (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  August 21, 2006

I used this disc to tune up my system with a Sound Level Meter. Immediately the results were impressive. Discs that didn't sound too hot before were significantly improved. The test tones and so on are indispensible in getting your system up to snuff. You will not regret the purchase of this disc in ... more
Tchaikovsky: Suite No. 3, Stravinsky: Divertimento - Jurowski          (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
  February 27, 2006

I cannot help but be impressed with the audio and performances on this disc. There is a depth, warmth, realism and clarity that I can't say I have ever experienced before in a home system. These performances radiate charm and the musicians caress every phrase. I do need to really turn up the volume ... more

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