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Reviews: Gene Harris Quartet: Listen Here!

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Review by djcowboy February 24, 2006 (4 of 5 found this review helpful)
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This is Jazz the way I like it. This is Music the way I like. Passionate, Melodic, Slow, Fast, Melancholy...well you get. This SACD has a little of everything and will put you in a deep trance. Even the upbeat tunes will have you tapping your feet, while keeping you suspended in a sonic timewarp. The quality and the quantity of the information coming from this disc is just beautiful. For those of you that have to ask what "swinging" is, this is the one SACD you should consider getting.

This is jazz done the right way. The title track is a Eddie Harris remake and just incredible. You know these guys are having a ball performing this tune. The title track alone is worth the purchase of this disc. This is Old School Jazz just slightly more excessible; not over the top or hard to follow or devoid of emotional attachment. You know....the stuff that sometimes sounds like the band tuning up before the performance. The ones where the performers are so "Stoned" that only other people just as stoned understand what the heck is going on. No, No, No...none of that here, this is real music with a melody that most of us can follow.

I always wonder why it was so difficult for the Record companies to get the CD sound right after listening to the Redbook layer in my car. It sounds almost as good as the SACD layer in my stereo system. Concord knows Jazz and how to record their artist just right.

Back to the record companies. If any of you out there have a good turntable setup and a CD recorder( not the computer burner ) try recording a vinyl album. You will be shocked at how close your recording will be to that vinyl recording. I have a friend that has a copy of Willie Nelsons' Stardust album on vinyl and we recorded it on a CDR and it actually sounded better than the SACD version. The $10,000 turntable and cartridge combination did not hurt:) If we can get just as good (to our ears and everyone we had listen to it) sound this easily, why can't they. I had started converting my vinyl to discs using my 21year turntable, Philips CD recorder and noticed they sounded a lot better than most of my CDs and wondered what it would sound like on a great table. the friend heard a few of them and thought they sounded amazing so he we decided to use his amazing turntable. Willie sounded great...really.

OOPS! There I go venting again. The Gene Harris SACD is highly recommended.

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Review by madisonears November 29, 2006 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
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Very melodic jazz, with modern improvisations of old standards and recent compositions. Gene Harris is solid on keyboards, and the rest of the quartet are firmly grounded in traditional jazz styles, yet not afraid to add a few twists. Some very swinging stuff, and some very sweet ballads as well.

Stereo version of recording is superb, with lots of air, solid bass, plenty of high frequency extension, sweet midrange.

Highly recommended to anyone who likes their jazz on the traditional side.

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Review by hawk December 18, 2008 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
Definitely agree with the other reviewers that this is a great of my favourite tracks is
the one that lends itself to the name of the album- Listen Here! A great piece of jazz that is going to be one of my all time favourite tracks among all the jazz CDs I own. The whole album is great traditional jazz = rooted in the blues and swinging with a few ballads thrown in. A great album to complement Harris'"At Last". One criticism of the MC treatment: The guitar almost always comes from the back left speaker sounding a bit close miked and a bit too loud compared to the other instruments.
I found this to be annoying at times, but otherwise a bit of quintessential jazz in a style in the best sense of the term traditional.

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