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Reviews: Dredg: El Cielo

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Review by Rudy A-Traxx August 22, 2006 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
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The natural sons of Depeche Mode and Talk Talk.
Something of the 80's, and the modernity of tomorrow.

Rare Pop-Rock. Such a sad and beautiful voice full of life (a little bit under mixed to my advice)

This surround mix give its letters of patent nobility to the SACD audio format. We're right in the middle of the band's world and sounds The bass is powerful, dynamic. It is really what we can expect from SACD. I wanted to thanks the person who wrote the Amazon review since I completely agree with it.

I'm under the spell of this touching yet reassuring universe of a talented band of artists.

Let yourself go into a well like a tunnel in the depth of its creation and hell : Wouldn't it be Such A Shame to Enjoy The Silence ;-)

(PS : The review has been erased since I wrote mine. Here it is :

"A real masterpiece, especially in 5.1 (review from

Hauntingly sad is an apt description for El Cielo. It's not that the album is depressing, just that it isn't exactly uplifting either. This is the kind of album that causes you to become retrospective without knowing you're doing just that. Pink Floyd's great works always had the same effect on me. The music is a sort of alternative / progressive mix, except that the presentation is too good for it to really achieve any real commercial success. That's too bad because this is considerably better than the other schlock on the radio.
I also have the SACD version of this recording, and for any of you that have 5.1 surround capability and an SACD player; you're in for a real treat. This album has a really interesting mix and used the surround channels to great effect without being overtly aggressive and overbearing. Most of the time the rear channels are used for sound effects much like if you were watching a movie. Other times a rhythmic patter will move from the front channels to the rear channels so that the front channels can take up a new, complimentary pattern. The vocals stay firmly anchored to the front with just accents of soaring vocal sections echoing to the rear channels for emphasis. Whoever did the multi-channel mixing for this recording definitely did above average work. The mixing compares quite favorably to that of Peter Gabriel's Up album in 5.1 surround.

Given the type of music on this disc, the surround mix only adds to the enjoyment without ever taking away from the presentation. I'd recommend anyone shelling out a few extra bucks for the higher resolution, multi-channel SACD version of this recording. Either way, I think this is a fine recording and a worthy addition to most prog fans collections."

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Review by progboy March 2, 2015 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
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I have been hunting for this SACD for a long long time and only seen it insanely priced.......but a few days ago I found it at my local CD shop for $6.99......i actually couldnt believe my eyes..............and in perfect mint condition.....

I have all the Dredg albums on RBCD including el cielo and must say that this SACD exceeded all my expectations!!!

Dredg are an amazing band mixing alternative, indie and progressive rock elements creating their own sound and their own identity. The lead vocalist Gavin Hayes has an amzing voice with tons of power and yet never overtakes the instrumentation. Musically i hear elements of Godspeed with Pink Floyd. Their music is very cinematic in nature and full of highs and lows making each album a very different experience.

This SACD offers superb sound all the way arpund with nice deep tones and huge wall of mid and highs too. I also noticed a very panoramic feel to the sound with clear instrumentaion at times and then other times very washed out - like imaging. No question there is great speaker seperation and this IS THE definite way to hear this album. There are moments when you will be amazed at the sound reproduction like the 5th song "triangle" which is a watermark example of what SACD can sound like !

This disc is now a prized bit of my collection and if you can hunt it down I would highly recommend it !!!!


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