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Reviews: Telemann in Major - Pratum Integrum Orchestra

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Review by Edvin May 14, 2006 (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
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This is so lovely, so spring-like and wonderful. According to the booklet this SACD includes no less than four world premiere recordings.

The Pratum Integrum Orchestra, Pratum Integrum is latin for unmown meadow, was founded in 2003 and the sounds they produce is pure magic.

Telemann in Major is a sequel to Telemann in Minor and I hope many more will follow. This SACD contains a variety of Telemann and many of you know what to expect music wise. A rich bowl of high spirited movements, some rustic and some elegiac moments. Everything expertly written and now played to perfection by these wonderful musicians that makes me smile almost all the time.

There is this gorgeous Concerto Grosso for strings and continuo in G Major. Handelian in its majesty and delicacy. Isn´t that a jig ending it, so fun and endearing.

There really is no need to go into detail about the pieces as they are so incredibly charming and lovely. This sacd goes right to the top of Telemanniana, along with the Minor issue!

As usual Caro Mitis has produced a sacd that is a marvel to look at. My only critisism is that they must decide if the text on the spine shall read upwards or downwards. The recorded sound is as good as it gets. Made by Polyhymnia with Erdo Groot at the healm this is state of the art. The sacd as a whole is a piece of art, as are the others in the Caro Mitis catalogue.

Can we please have some Handel now!

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Review by Osbert Parsley November 26, 2007 (10 of 10 found this review helpful)
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The Russian period instrument orchestra, Pratum Integrum, has made a number of splendid recordings on the Caro Mitis label, but none is as delightful yet than this disc - apart from the companion recording, "Telemann in Minor", that is!

Sonically, this is a superb production in both stereo and multi-channel modes and this is all the more impressive for being a small label production.

Period Baroque instruments, while less loud and penetrating than their modern counterparts, have immensely greater tonal subtlety, allowing the performers to shape and colour their notes to an extent denied even the most eminent players on modern instruments. The consequence is that period instruments and modern instruments speak very different dialects and require very different approaches even when playing the same pieces of music. In the case of Telemann, so much of his musical art relies on the colours and tonal nuances of the Baroque instruments he knew and wrote for - much more so than even in Bach's case. Pratum Integrum's players are superb exponents of Baroque instruments: stylistically assured, technically confident (especially when Baroque instruments are notoriously temperamental in the wrong climatic conditions) and musically very intelligent. The recording is highly detailed without sounding in the least clinical, the soloist and orchestra sitting comfortably within a spacious and slightly reverberant acoustic.

If Telemann is new to you, this (or the Telemann in Minor disc) is an ideal introduction to this excellent composer who, in his own time, was more famous and highly regarded than Bach. If you are already an old Telemann hand, this SACD is a "must-have" addition to your library, especially as it includes several previously unrecorded works.

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