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Reviews: Dave Brubeck Quartet: Time Out

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Review by Discspinner July 7, 2012 (10 of 10 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
Hard to believe this was recorded in the late 50s. The sound is dynamic, and despite that there is almost no distortion from loudness of an instrument exceeding the recording capacity, which I have heard on some early recordings. Drums are particularly well rendered as evidenced by "Take Five" in which the drums have plenty of bass to them and a nice reverb decay. The cymbals have a fantastic realism.

This is very accessible, pleasant, melodic jazz. Loaded with subtleties, I continue to find more after several listenings.

There is some frustration expressed about the constant reissue of the same titles and there are now three or four versions of this. Such frustration is understandable. But I'm glad to have the opportunity to own this one. If you don't own the others I highly recommend giving this a try. I cannot imagine how a 50s era recording can be made to sound better. Has anyone got some comparisons to previous versions?

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Review by Beck August 2, 2012 (4 of 10 found this review helpful)
This is not a review but a response - I agree wholeheartedly. Of note I **do** think Analogue Productions improved considerably on the Getz/Gilberto title and they said they worked from a different master there as well.

THEIR WEBSITE CONFIRMS THAT THE 2 CHANNEL MIX is REMASTERED but the MULTICHANNEL MIX IS THE SAME AS THE SONY VERSION. They state they chose to concentrate on the best 2 channel experience and threw in the surround as a bonus since there was plenty of room

Since I only ever listen in 2 CH mode, I'll try this disc - I'll report back when I get it and compare

From their website:

Please note: For the Multichannel program of this SACD, we used the same hi-res file as was used for the previous Sony SACD release of this title. The Multichannel program was not remixed or remastered. Please understand that our focus and interest is on making the best sounding two-channel layer possible. We have remastered the stereo program from the original analog tapes. Because the disc allows space to include a multichannel program and because one already existed, we decided to include it as a bonus.

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Review by rflaugher October 21, 2012 (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
I have both the Columbia single layer and this in SACD. I can only speak to the 2 channel but in that regard this is the better disc. The single layer is very good but this one is just much clearer and more dynamic. The music really doesn't need reviewed as this is a true classic.

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Review by analogue November 16, 2012 (6 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
I feel I don't need to explain away the merits of this great classic jazz album from the late 50's. And I wont explain it by giving a track by track description. If you're reading this you just want the meat and potato description.

I own the original Sony Sacd and like a chump......I had to purchase this newest version as well. A comparison between the two is most fascinating.

The Sony disc was much louder and harder sounding. Transients could be abrupt and dramatic. The drum sound...due to compression was both fantastically lifelike but also bombastic. A little over the top for my tastes. Bass, however was slightly better on the 1st disc.

This new sacd is kinder, gentler, more organic, holistic and relaxing. Ohhhh.....and highly crankable. IN fact the louder the better. This new disc has better over all dynamic range but the sound stage is equal to the former sacd.

This new disc has a nice sax sound and good textures on the piano. But the bass is ever so slightly reduced in comparison to the former disc. (If you own any Shm Sacd's..the best ones. Think of Bill Evans and how awesome that bass sound is.)
The drum sound is gorgeous in every way however. Not just the skins or the bass drum but the cymbal work.......just glorious. The slight and gentle tapping of the metal cymbal is extremely lifelike.
This new disc is a better version of how playful, happy and musical this album is. There are no distractions....a beautiful delicate sheen of tape hiss permeates this sacd.

I cant say its perfect. That I will not say. Even though it sounds much fresher and more new than the previous Sony might be a little to relaxed and delicate and sweeter sounding. There is no "UMphh' TO THE SOUND. Perhaps its to polite.

But its the preferred sacd to own by far. Good job Mr. Grundman.

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Review by Darkness November 28, 2014 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
I had the original Sony disk and though the world of it. Little did I know that Analogue Productions would release this? Iíve been so pleased with the other Analogue Productions releases, I had to have this great Jazz album in the best possible sound. They improved on this in every way, more musical, better sound stage, and the cymbals are to die for. The sweet sound of Paul Despondís soprano sax is even sweeter. Well done AP. Is it just me or has there been an noticeable improvement with the latest SACD releases from AP. Whatever new equipment they invested in, it has been money well spent.

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