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Reviews: Sarah McLachlan: Touch

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Review by analogue October 26, 2013 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
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As much as I like Sarah Mclachlan I am not as much a fan of her earlier albums as I am for her later ones. Namely Fumbling towards Ecstasy. If Mr. Gray releases that disc with the quality of this would be a great world indeed.

I purchased the original cd back in the day when I discovered her music but was never able too really connect with the music. I then purchased the hirez 24/96 dad and it was a much better listen but truth be told it didn't make me listen to it that much more. It has a cold, sterile sound to it while having much more detail and heft.

Now this new sacd is such a leap forward in sound quality that its a total shocker to me. I was literally stunned by how much wider, deeper and satisfying this sacd is the third time around. There is so much more there now.

Even though it is still a product of the late 80's sound I related to it that much more......finally.

In describing the sound its a little difficult to express in words why its that much better. If I say that it has a warmer sound or is more engaging that doesn't really help although it is those things. I guess a better way is that the music with all its many instruments and flourishes is more coherent and simply feels better. I understand musically what she was after now. Her vocals are much more rounded on this disc and fuller while still mixing well with the music....which can get quite busy at times.
Instruments are very lifelike and bass and low end very nicely done.

Kevin Gray did a fantastic job here. I believe he used a very good tape source if not the original masters. The clarity is such that I can actually hear some tape bleed from other tracks on it...........and at one point I actually thought I heard someone rustling some papers around during a quiet passage on one of the tracks. So the transfer is beautifully done.

And track 9....Ben's a true audiophile track and is sure to shock any McLachlan fans out there. Her vocals are stunning in their ..they soar like never beforeand the double bass finally sounds like it should..... deep and powerful. An essential sacd track to be sure.
A terrific sacd.

Highly recommended.
Superb job Mr. Gray

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Review by progboy August 24, 2015 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
In the late 80's I picked up Sarah's album "Touch" after hearing the song Vox on a London Ontario radio. I played the LP a lot while at University which to is day brings back great memories re-listening to it! This SACD was on my want list and finally I snagged it for a great deal at a local music store. After several listens I can tell you that this disc is amazing and fans of SM will need to pick up this version of this classic album!

kevin Gray at Audio Fidelity did an excellent job in re-mastering this album to SACD offering a much improved sonic soundscape and depth throughout ! I really notice the clean range in the drumming and guitar playing which creates a lovely wall of surround sound enveloping you!

The album sound rich and clean with wonderful speaker seperation and a nice wide dynamic range.

Highly recommended disc

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