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Post by tream January 30, 2004 (1 of 9)
Stephen (our friend Zeus) recently posted on Audio Asylum that Naxos was running a vote at for DVD-A vs SACD vs both vs neither. I urge everyone at this site to go there and vote. This may help Naxos in their decision making process, which, of course, should favor SACD. (Seems like a no-brainer at this point, but there are still a number of DVD-A adherents.)

Post by Dinko January 31, 2004 (2 of 9)
As of the time I voted:

Question of the Week
Does your home sound system play DVD-A or SACD?
Thanks for voting!
(A) DVD-A 34% 1921 votes
(B) SACD 60% 3394 votes
(C) Both 1% 72 votes
(D) Neither 4% 235 votes
Total: 5622 votes

I wonder though...
1) Did anyone vote for DVDA thinking the question was simply about "DVD", as in DVD-Video?
2) Did anyone vote for SACD hoping to skew the results in SA-CD's favour?

And the question is somewhat ambiguous. Most of us can play DVDA... the Dolby Digital or DTS tracks that is, so technically we could say "both". People who care about the details of high-resolution vs. no resolution, or who care about the differences between DVDA/DVDV/HDCD/SACD/DTSCD/DD/AC3/MP3/CDDA/ETC will understand the exact question. But people who've never heard of DVD-Audio and who think that it's just another form of DVD may be confused as to which is which.
On the other hand, there are imbeciles who buy soundtrack CDs and then complain to record stores that they were sent the soundtrack album instead of the movie DVD, so the stores have now been forced to add bold, red-lettered disclaimers to the effect that "WE DO NOT SELL DVDs!", so there's only so much you can do to protect a poll from the stupidity of some visitors. If they can't get the difference between CD and DVD, what chance is there for these folks to get the difference between DVDV and DVDA?

Post by zeus January 31, 2004 (3 of 9)
Unfortunately, the poll is stuffed. Naxos would appear to have minimal safeguards to stop people voting more than once and there are juvenile elements who would much rather high-jack the poll than use it simply as a measure of peer interest. It's pretty embarrassing actually.

Naxos now sells both formats and their sales figures alone will decide what they do in the future.

Post by Dinko January 31, 2004 (4 of 9)
Sorry if I sound like I'm beating a dead horse, but if they continue releasing all this Yablonsky stuff, Naxos will kill both DVDA and SACD. :)
Since Chandos isn't releasing Bax on SA-CD, maybe it's time Naxos moved in that direction.

Post by Johnno February 1, 2004 (5 of 9)
They also have to make whatever they do release on SACD more accessable -- and I don't mean in six months time!

Post by David_fram February 5, 2004 (6 of 9)
I like the results SACDs miles ahead according to this poll.

Does your home sound system play DVD-A or SACD?
(A) DVD-A 24% 3244 votes
(B) SACD 68% 9068 votes
(C) Both 2% 227 votes
(D) Neither 6% 816 votes
Total: 13355 votes

If only that went for the general population! David

PS Votings closed now on this poll.

PPS On a side point is there any difference between CDA and WAV just noticed some of my old cds are one and some the other?

Post by zeus February 5, 2004 (7 of 9)
David_fram said:

I like the results SACDs miles ahead according to this poll.

The results are bogus. I don't know whether Naxos will decide that some customers are just keen for hi-rez or that they're just too juvenile to bother with.

Post by David_fram February 6, 2004 (8 of 9)
Why do you recon they are bogus acording to naxos website you are blocked from voting more than once in a week so they should be fairly reliable I would have thought. Does anyone know how the two rival formats are doing in terms of the numbers sold of each type?

Post by Dinko February 6, 2004 (9 of 9)
Well I just tried the "security" of their poll with the new one they have about how many CDs have people bought in 2003. Result: you can easily vote twice simply switching browsers. I voted once in their new poll using MS Explorer. Switched to Netscape; voted again. Cleared all the cookies from Netscape and voted a third time. This was just a trial, but you can see how any one who wants to skew poll results in one direction or another can do it.

The only way they can limit excessive voting is by allowing only registered and logged-in members to vote, then storing voting cookies on their own server. As long as their poll relies on the cookies on visitors' computers, all you need to do is push a button and clear your cookies then vote again.