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Post by Retronana February 14, 2004 (1 of 23)
Although I realise the 80's as a music era is not everbodys cup of tea, I thought I'd put foward some titles that should get the SACD Multi Channel treatment.

Tears For Fears:
Pale Shelter
Songs from the Big Chair (Limited Version that had all the extra tracks)
The Seeds of Love[brymon]
Any[Iggy P]

Howard Jones:
Humans Lib

Let it Be[Iggy P]

Elvis Costello:
Imperial Bedroom[Iggy P]

Skylarking[Iggy P]

Human League:
Dare (Multi Channel!)

Sam Fox[?]

Harold Faltermeyer:
Beverly Hills Cop OST[Dinko]
Fletch OST

Pink Floyd:
Monentary Lapse of Reason[Dinko]

New Order:

Depeche Mode:
Black Celebration
Construction Time Again

The Smiths:

The Pyschedelic Furs:
Forever Now

Duran Duran:
Duran Duran[brymon]

Lets see if we can get a definative list :)



Post by bryzmon February 14, 2004 (2 of 23)
My 80's list would include:

Duran Duran: Rio, and 1st Album

Depeche Mode: Any

Smiths: Any

Tears For Fears: The Seeds Of Love

Post by Iggy P February 14, 2004 (3 of 23)
Tears for Fears is a good choice.

I'd like to see the early U2 stuff released, especially "The Unforgettable Fire"

"Let It Be" by the Replacements
"Imperial Bedroom" by Elvis Costello
"Skylarking" by XTC

Post by Dinko February 14, 2004 (4 of 23)
Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason would be great to have.
I wonder what Samantha Fox's trademark "S-ssss--sssss-samantha Fox" sounds like in 5.1 :D

Then some soundtracks like Beverly Hills Cop. The main theme can become very gimmicky in surround, but it could be an interesting bonus remix using all surround channels.

Post by axel4hans February 14, 2004 (5 of 23)
I would like to see blue monday by New Order come out on sa-cd

Post by Retronana February 15, 2004 (6 of 23)
axel4hans said:

I would like to see blue monday by New Order come out on sa-cd

Original 12" version in a multi coloured 5 1/4 floppy disc style case I hope :)

Some good ideas so far, I'll edit my 1st post and add them to the list :)

Post by MerlinMacuser February 17, 2004 (7 of 23)
Ah, yes...the 80s
Hope I got the decade right for these...I would add:

The Fixx-Reach the Beach (or their Greatest Hits compliation)
Journey-Raised on Radio
Don Henley-End of Innocence
Dire Straits-Brothers in Arms (my vote for the best album of the decade)
Steve Winwood-Back in the High Life
Paul Simon-Graceland

I read of a Fixx-Hits re-mastering/re-recording project but I don't think it is on SACD.

Post by The Seventh Taylor August 24, 2006 (8 of 23)
Being a self-confessed eigties fan I would instantly buy many of the above albums if they'd appear on Multichannel SACD.

Here are my suggestions:

- Peter Gabriel - So

- Bryan Ferry - Bête Noire
I'm very happy with Boys & Girls but please don't stop here, Virgin.

- Duran Duran - Seven and the Ragged Tiger

- Simple Minds - New Gold Dream
First there was a stereo SACD, then a multi-channel DVD-Audio.
Why not a proper SACD?

- ABC - The Lexicon of Love

- William Orbit - Strange Cargo III

- Jean-Michel Jarre - Zoolook (or any other title)

- Dead can dance - any album

- Sting - All this time
OK, it's not an 80s album but a great rerecording of some beautiful 80's songs.


Post by odiwan August 24, 2006 (9 of 23)
Hello, if not MCH stereo SACD

Pink Floyd, The Final Cut

the Cure, any

The smiths, any

Madonna, the first album and like a virgin

Cyndi Lauper any

U2 any

talking heads, any, especially stop making sense

new order, blue monday ( I have the 12" maxi)

Eurythmics best of

Sade any


Post by Claude August 24, 2006 (10 of 23)
Not sure these are all from the 80's. Some may be 16bit PCM recordings and not ideal for SACD transfer:

- David Sylvian: Brilliant Trees / Gone to Earth / Secrets of the Beehive
- Thomas Dolby: The Flat Earth
- Tom Waits: Frank's wild years / Swordfishtrombones / Rain dogs
- The Blue Nile: Hats (= the most audiophile of all pop recordings)
- Neil Young: Freedom
- Lou Reed / New York
- Lou Reed & John Cale: Songs for Drella
- Grace Jones: Island life
- Dire Straits: Love over gold

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