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What happened to the listings from I have purchased a good many discs from them over the years and always really appreciated the Amazon Japan links was listing.

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zeus said:

I've removed [Vendor Prices] as a (hopefully) temporary measure to give me time to ensure that this site is 100% compliant with Amazon's current operating agreements. While Amazon provides such pricing and is happy for it to be displayed, they're becoming increasingly particular about the wording/disclaimers. I don't need to be told that seeing at a glance what the prices are was very handy but this is the best I can do for now.

While the pricing is missing, the links aren't static. I interrogate the vendor (via XML) for the particular disc to ensure it's listed. There's also logic to determine and link to the cheapest version where multiple versions exist. You just have to click through for pricing/availability.

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/support said:

If you've found this site useful, you can actively contribute to its continued existence by purchasing content using the individual title-to-vendor links provided. Alternatively, click on any of the general links below. Anything and everything you purchase from these vendors (including third-party sellers) counts. Just make sure you initiate your purchase from this site.

Thank you for your /support :)