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Post by Kal Rubinson December 4, 2014 (31 of 35)
Iain said:

The top-end Denon do.

They are currently 2-channel but multi-channel functionality will be coming soon, according to Kal.

For now, the Sony BDP-7200 provides that functionality.

I do not think I said that in reference to Denon but in general.

And, yes, it is more likely to happen with players, as it did with Oppo.

Post by Iain December 4, 2014 (32 of 35)
Kal Rubinson said:

I do not think I said that in reference to Denon but in general.

And, yes, it is more likely to happen with players, as it did with Oppo.

Thanks for the clarification.

Post by Fitzcaraldo215 December 4, 2014 (33 of 35)
Iain said:

Or an expensive "receiver", if that's what you want to call it, for an equivalent cost. That machine will do so much more than the bit of kit under discussion here and probably no difference in sound quality.

In reality, there isn't much difference in functionality and sound quality between the "processors" that were all the rage a few years ago and the top-end receivers of today.

Cheap receivers or system-in-a-box?? Let's not go there. They are shite.

Gosh. Shades of disbeliever, who has simple, absolute answers to the question of how anything and everything sounds, regardless of whether they have actually been heard or not. I must have been under self delusion when I in my own system during my 30-day trial heard differences, significant positive ones, as with the ExaSound. In reality, I should just defer to your astute judgement that everything really sounds the same, and not trust my own, fallible ears or those of others who have done comparative auditions, such as Kal. You have suddenly made it all so simple.

No one is arguing that a simple DAC can have the feature set of an AVR or prepro. If it is built-in features you want, then don't buy a DAC. If it is sound quality you want, first and foremost, and you are willing to put up with reduced features and some inconvenience to get it, then and only then might a DAC be considered. But, if one is an unsophisticated moron who does not, like you, have it all figured out unheard yet, then, go ahead, do the pointless comparative listening. Waste your time and money. But, the result is already known, as you have described: they all sound the same and features are much more important anyway, even if you do not ever use most of them. There is never any real progress in audio, only delusional opinions by those who make the mistake of controlled, comparative listening and think they hear sonic improvements.

Post by Iain December 5, 2014 (34 of 35)
Fitzcaraldo215 said:

... rubbish


Having yet another bad day, as usual??

Post by xynyxs August 14, 2015 (35 of 35)
classicrecordings said:

Does anyone have any experience with this unit?

I just read the review at Hi-Fi+:

and it looks interesting now that the Parasound P7 is no longer available in Canada.

I owe one. Used for a short period in my previous system but then replaced by a Audionet MAP processor.
As the power supply of the Audionet must be repaired I reinstalled the Aaron 22 and was certainly not disappointed. The projection of the musical image is very good, both in stereo and surround. The sound a tiny tiny bit sharper than the sound of the Audionet.

Trust the HiFi+ review

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