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Post by Lute November 30, 2015 (2131 of 2132)
rammiepie said:
I have no idea what's up with those shipping fees? Sometimes I can get reasonable rates but other times... Kyaa!!!

Haven't seen Jurassic World. Generally, I don't have very high expectations for most sequels. Some friends said it was the best one after the original. But I kind of enjoyed the third along with the first one. And even the second one wasn't bad IMO. I'm wondering about this Star Wars. I mean expectations are running pretty high. Is it gonna live up to the hype?

Speaking of the reference series Fischer/Utah - Mahler is excellent...

I've been lucky with HBO series. I hope we also get The Leftovers over here.

Post by rammiepie November 30, 2015 (2132 of 2132)
Lute said

Speaking of the reference series Fischer/Utah - Mahler is excellent...

Even though I'm Mahlered out, Brett.....couldn't resist this one. Just placed my order.

Speaking of Star Wars........SW Director J J Abrams was on the tonight show (tonight) with Jimmy Fallon and he was relating a story that Lin~Manuel Miranda, composer/lyricist of the mega hit Broadway show "Hamilton" composed the music for the Cantina scene in the new SW. They also showed some clips. Looks to be another slam dunk for the franchise. Should probably be seen in IMAX 3D for maximum effect.

And NO, Jurassic World had NONE of the very first JP's mystique or fear factor. It's worth checking out but I of course had to buy it (in 2D) for the collectible embossed tin it came in. It was only 10 bucks (Black Friday perk).

The Leftovers last night was totally bizarre and has been for the entire second season. Mesmerizing performances. Never though much of Liv Tyler's acting chops but last night she was simply amazing (although her latest cosmetic surgery does nothing to enhance her beauty.........At 80, Jane Fonda's plastic surgeon should win awards for his subtle yet brilliant work and Liv should be knocking down HIS door for any future cosmetic overhaul).

Brett, SO happy you've purchased the Olu Dara DVD~A 5.1. You WON'T be disappointed....and that's a promise. It's such a GREAT album. Sorry, Markie wasn't pleased with American Gramaphone's Checkfield in 5.1 but I'm sure you'll like it.....CHECKMATE!

When in doubt.......ask Ralph!

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