Thread: YES: Fragile again (30th of October 2015)

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Post by sylvian August 11, 2015 (1 of 5)
No-one knows what happened to the marketing plans but from my point of view there is certain smell of misconduct with the series of YES hi-res format releases.

This Autumn Fragile is desrving another release from the hands of Steven Wilson who has been working on previous three hi-res releases: Relayer, The YES album and Close to the Edge. Fine work indeed....

the only easter egg for this prepared umphteenth Fragile release is unreleased track from the Vaults named "All Fighters Past" which might be reference to the Revealing Science of God / Dance of the Dawn (Tales from Topographic Oceans doulbe LP):

And through the rhythm of moving slowly
Sent through the rhythm work out the story
Move over glory to sons of old fighters past.
Young christians see if from the beginning
Old people feel it, that's what they're saying.
Move over glory to sons of old fighters past.

I would like to believe that this release surely find its way to the die-hard fans collections. But I will prefer to have Tales from Topographic Oceans first or the first two Albums prior to Fragile, which has been done and re-done plenty of times in past 12 years.

Post by deckerm August 11, 2015 (2 of 5)
I would have preferred to see Drama released, but so far the Steve Wilson remasters have been extraordinary and I am eager to add this now 5th copy of Fragile into my collection.

Post by sylvian August 11, 2015 (3 of 5)
YES without Anderson I am no longer focusing on.

Although I quite like some tunes e.g. Run through the Light, I feel that Horn or Benoit cannot meet my criteria for distinct vocal part in this Group. Not even Jon Davison do (although he is very close to Anderson).

I feel the two founding members are irreplacable thus the game is over with Magnification for me.

I would welcome the rest of the 70s back catalogue in hi-res before Anderson follow his mate to Heaven (from this Earth). I would certainly miss both of them for the rest of my life. It is like part of the known universe vanishes in front of your eyes.

I only hope Steven Wilson is aware of the facts of life and death.

Post by diw August 12, 2015 (4 of 5)
There has been a lot of criticism of the previous DVD-A/SACD mix of Fragile at QQ and by others, so it is likely the Wilson mix will be an improvement. I am happy to see that the series is continuing, and I think it is safe to assume Tales is next. Not sure there are any more in the series planned after that. I would like to see Going for the One receive the Wilson treatment. Awaken is such a great song, and if they have a good live version from 1977 with the Flight jam to add as a bonus track, I'd be very happy.

Post by sylvian August 12, 2015 (5 of 5)
I am aware of the discussions went on about Fragile DVD-A (mch SA-CD from Japan has the same mixes). The only better sounding (stereo) is HDCD release from 1998.

This and Yessongs are fortunately the only good ones with HDCD treartment from the back catalogue of the pre-millenium era of digital music. Other HDCDs and SA-CDs have more compression or distortions here and there. So those who complain to Warner release of Fragile might get burned with other so-called remasters much worse.

I also welcome every attempt for better sound of my beloved music taken. My initial post has concerned marketing strategies @ Panegyric - nothing wrong with another Fragile release if it helps to continue the line of YES definitive catalogue.