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Post by wolfE October 28, 2015 (1 of 27)
Analogue Productions announces a new reissue-series with great Decca-titles. Great news für music lovers! - Unfortunately only 9 titels so far, some of them appeared in good digital versions re-issued by other labels (fim, Universal Japan).
I hope, the series will be successful und continued with additional titels!!!

Post by Ubertrout October 28, 2015 (2 of 27)
Got titles?

Post by undertone October 28, 2015 (3 of 27)
The Vienna Octet - Schubert: The 'Trout' Quintet/ Curzon - Hybrid Stereo SACD
CAPC 2110 SA $30.00
Shipping Winter 2015

Josef Krips - Schubert: Symphony No.9 - Hybrid Stereo SACD
CAPC 2045 SA $30.00
Shipping Winter 2015

Teresa Berganza - Falla: Three Cornered Hat/ Ansermat - Hybrid Stereo SACD
CAPC 2296 SA $30.00
Shipping Winter 2015

John Lanchbery - Herold/Lanchberry: LaFille Mal Gardee - Hybrid Stereo SACD
CAPC 2313 SA $30.00
Shipping Winter 2015

Zubin Mehta - Holst: The Planets - Hybrid Stereo SACD
CAPC 6529 SA $30.00
Shipping Winter 2015

Fruhbeck De Burgos - Albeniz: Suite Espanola - Hybrid Stereo SACD
CAPC 6355 SA $30.00
Shipping Winter 2015

Maureen Forrester - Mahler: Symphony No. 3 In D Minor/ Mehta - Hybrid Stereo SACD
CAPC 117 SA $30.00
Shipping Winter 2015

David Oistrakh - Bruch: Scottish Fantasia / Hindemith: Violin Concerto (1939) - Hybrid Stereo SACD
CAPC 6035 SA $30.00
Shipping November 2015

Ataulfo Argenta - España Rimsky-Korsakov, Granados, Chabrier & Moszkowski - Hybrid Stereo SACD
CAPC 2020 SA $30.00
Shipping November 2015

From the Acoustic Sounds website. Pre-order, Analogue Productions, SACDs, most recently added. Since the Oistrakh and Argenta titles show a November 2015 shipping date, it's probably safe to assume that at least those two discs have actually been pressed and are ready to ship.

Post by Ubertrout October 28, 2015 (4 of 27)
Thanks for collating that. The discs pop up, but I'm having a heck of a time getting the site to show them all.

The Mehta discs are likely pre-orders for me, and it looks like The Planets will include the John Williams tracks too (note that tracks 8-13 are listed in the recording date info for that disc). And I like what they're doing with the Mahler - putting the whole performance on one SACD, and making disc 2 CD only. I wish more 2-disc sets did that.

Post by cpwheeler October 28, 2015 (5 of 27)
I would love to see them reissue some of the rarer Japanese Decca titles like the Curzon/Szell Brahms 1st concerto and the Maag/Mendelssohn Scottish/Sommernachtstraum in SACD. One can only hope!

Post by Polarius T October 29, 2015 (6 of 27)
cpwheeler said:

I would love to see them reissue some of the rarer Japanese Decca titles like the Curzon/Szell Brahms 1st concerto and the Maag/Mendelssohn Scottish/Sommernachtstraum in SACD. One can only hope!

Those would indeed be great. Of all the offerings for now, I think only the Oistrakh set has an exclamation mark attached to it, in my tired-out mind.

Post by cpwheeler October 29, 2015 (7 of 27)
I don' want to sound ungrateful, but it seems to me that the team at analogue productions used the same poor title selection that they did in their Living Stereo series. Many of the deck at titles announced are still available and Japanese SHM-SACD pressings such as the Argenta/Rimsky Korsakov disc and the Ansermet Three-cornered hat. Of the titles listed, the Krips Schubert and the Curzon Trout quintet interest me as well as the Oistrakh/Bruch. Another welcome Decca reissue would be the Maag Mozart disc with the Concerto for four orchestras. It has wonderful definition even on the Decca Legends RBCD incarnation.

Post by SteelyTom October 29, 2015 (8 of 27)
Wow, Mahler 3 on SACD! Has this been done before?

Post by wolfE October 29, 2015 (9 of 27)
On my buying list will be: The "Spanish" Music discs with Argenta and de Burgos, Mahler 3 and the great Schubert with Krips.

My personal wishlist for the future would include
Peer Gynt with Fjeldstad
Nutcracker and Petrouchka with Ansermet
Romeo and Juliet (Maazel)
... and of course many operas (Aida, Tosca and Boheme with Karajan, Eugen Onegin, Don Carlos, Hänsel und Gretel, Tannhäuser with Solti and others.
But I fear that operas are too special and expensive for such a re-release series.

Post by armenian October 29, 2015 (10 of 27)
I do not buy too many re-issues, I am mainly interested in modern recordings but there is one performance on Decca that goes straight to the top of my wish list, it is the last Decca recording of Granados Goyescas performed by Alicia de Larrocha, it was recorded in 1977 and was available on London 411958-2 (ADD), the pianist re-recorded Goyescas for RCA in 1989 (DDD), I prefer the London recording.

Not sure if this will ever show up on SACD but who knows, I hope Analogue Productions is reading this.


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