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Discussion: Jacintha - Autumn Leaves

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Post by georgeflanagin August 10, 2006 (1 of 2)
I would hate to write a negative review of an album that so many people enjoy. My friend John Herzog calls her the "jazz whisperer," which is an appropriate epithet.

I think that novelties like Jacintha are interesting for about two cuts; when the third starts you realise that the next tune will be like the last, and you can safely eject the disc.

Nonetheless, I have about a score of these discs which I keep around for the purpose of unloading hifi equipment. The recordings are so unusual and startling (whether or not they are musically satisfying is irrelevant) that everything sounds /great/, and the prospective purchasers liberate some cash from their wallets.

Jacintha helped me sell my KEF Reference speakers, and for that I thank her.

Post by sgb August 17, 2006 (2 of 2)
Well, I have another epithet: she's a "bore."

No, I am not being arrogant to say this, "Autumn Leaves" was one of the first SACDs I'd ever purchased. I tried to like it as it had been recommended to me by a friend (whose taste in female vocalists differs greatly from my own, I've since discovered), but I simply could not find much substance here in Jacintha's singing abilities. I put her into the same category as I would a few other ladies who have somehow attracted the attention of audiophiles, but I make the distinction here that there are audiophiles who are music lovers first with great sound taking a back seat to this preference. In addition to that, I find that there is an ample number of CDs and SACDs that provide a greater degree of artistic satisfaction while concurrently reproducing near state-of-the-art sound; Tania Maria's "Come With Me" is a suitable example of a great sounding SACD that is also artistically satisfying. In plain redbook, there are too many to list here that can also get the job done without enduring something less than artistically satisfying.