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Discussion: Stravinsky: Firebird, Le Chant du Rossignol - Levi

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Post by AmirKessner February 27, 2010 (11 of 11)
ramesh said:

On an unrelated note, I recall an Amir Kessner writing to Grannyphone about the inadequacies of their reviews, and Mr Kessner getting a rather testy reply back from Roger Nichols, a specialist in French music. Nichols made the interesting comment that it was impossible to fulfill the demands in a 300 word review. The Grannyphone reviews are so dwarfish now, it does seem to be the case that the current editor hews to the dictum that the iPod generation, or is it the post 9/11 world, has a 300 word attention span.

I don't know whether he's the same Amir Kessner.
Maybe someone should do a whip around and donate an old SACD player to those impecunious Grannyphone reviewers. Or an Australian stingray in full working order.

Well, only now in 2010 I happened to notice this 2006 review mentioning my name... :)

Yes, I'm the same Amir Kessner who wrote to Mr. Roger Nichols and who wrote that the replay volume of this SACD is extremely low.

The same Amir Kessner also likes the name "Grannyphone" and finds it quite appropriate :)


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