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If you are a registered user, you're welcome (and encouraged) to submit reviews for any of the titles on this site, whether they've been previously reviewed or not. To create a review, display the title details page and click on the "Add Review" button. When you save a review, this button will change to "Edit Review" to enable correction of typos etc. After seven (7) days, your review will become final and cannot be further edited or deleted.

The following are guidelines for your review:

1. You must have heard the actual Super Audio CD or Blu-ray Audio disc in entirety on a known system, preferably your own. Your review is assumed to be for the high-resolution layer of hybrid discs. Comments based solely on the CD compatible layer or equivalent CD, DVD-A or download versions (where they exist) aren't pertinent. For multichannel discs, indicate whether your assessment of the Sonics applies to the Stereo or Multichannel mix, or both.

2. The review must be your own and in your own words. Don't copy, quote or translate reviews of others. Do not link to reviews elsewhere, even if they're your own. Reviews that consist of plagiarized material will be deleted.

3. Your review should be in English. If English isn't your native tongue, include at minimum a summary translation in English. This will enable the largest audience for your review.

4. Frame your review as a critique of the disc, rather than an exhortation for others to rush out and buy it (or avoid at all costs). People reading your review will be looking more for background and your reasoning for the value judgments you make. This rules out one line reviews as there will be insufficient information for others to understand where you're coming from. If you're enthusiastic about a disc but don't feel willing (or capable) of writing a review, use the Recommend feature instead.

5. Don't review music you simply don't like or is out of your typical genre(s). It's best not to be dogmatic about matters of taste.

6. Make your review self-contained without reference to other reviews for the same disc, especially placeholder reviews from Amazon.

7. Keep your comments largely to the disc in question. Use the Forum for wider or general discussion.

8. If yours is amongst the first reviews for a disc and you have some background on the music/performance, please feel free to include it with your review. Such can serve as an introduction to others less familiar with it.

9. Don't include references to where you bought the disc, where it can be had cheap etc. The narrative of how you came to acquire the disc or others can buy it has no bearing on the qualities of the disc itself.

10. If you've just bought a high resolution player, you may want to wait a while before contributing reviews. This will give you some context on which to base your comments on Sonics. Improving your system's transparency will enable you to realize more of the benefits from the format's higher resolution, dynamic range and bandwidth.

11. Your review must be independent. If you are affiliated with the disc's production or distribution you are not permitted to review it. If you have a disc that you want to promote, consider submitting it to one (or more) of the site's reviewers. Click here for details: /reviewers.php