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Post by DrOctodivx October 1, 2004 (1 of 6)
I just thought I would pass this on, since it seemed like a good deal.

Everyone knows that when you join Columbia house you get 12 cds for free, which I tend to avoid (though I have joined them a couple of times in the last 20 years, then quit when I fulfilled my obligation).

I just rejoined because I discovered that when chooing your initila selection, they have about 16 titles available (that I could find by searching Album = SACD), including most of the Bob Dylan catalogue. Afterwards, you only have to buy 5 CDs (or SACDs, if you can find them) to complete your obligation over two years.

Additionally, I just got my first membership catalogue today, and it contains the Hybrid "Dark Side of The Moon" album as one of the choices (though this seems for members only, so you can't choose it as one of your initial selections).

Thought this might appeal to some of you SACD fans who are building up their initial collection. The list of SACDs available for initial membership are as follows:

Bob Dylan Oh Mercy [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan Infidels [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan Desire [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan Blonde On Blonde [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan Bringing It All Back Home [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan Another Side Of Bob Dylan [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan John Wesley Harding [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan Slow Train Coming [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan Street Legal [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan Planet Waves [SACD Hybrid]
Bob Dylan Love And Theft [SACD Hybrid]
Heart Alive In Seattle [SACD Hybrid]

You can access these by using the link below:

Going to Music Club
UNder Search choose Album and enter SACD

Also, the BMG music club (different from Columbia) has a number of SACD selections, some the same, but a number of others that are available if you are already a member. However, BMG does not allow you to choose them for your initial selection, Columbia is better in that way.

Post by Dinko October 2, 2004 (2 of 6)
Columbia House Canada has Dark Side of the Moon, so I assume Col House USA should have it too, somewhere.

Post by DrOctodivx October 2, 2004 (3 of 6)
Dinko said:

Columbia House Canada has Dark Side of the Moon, so I assume Col House USA should have it too, somewhere.

Yeah, it is available in Columbia House USA, but only to members, so you can't use it as an initial selection. However, once you join you can use it as one of the 5 required selections to fulfill the club obligation.

Post by Galley October 7, 2004 (4 of 6)
BMG Music Service also carries some SACD hybrids.

Post by DrOctodivx October 9, 2004 (5 of 6)
Galley said:

BMG Music Service also carries some SACD hybrids.

The main difference between BMG and Columbia with their SACD offerings is that Columbia allows you to choose the SACDs as your initial selection, whereas BMG only allows them to be purchased by existing members.

Otherwise, BMG has somewhat more variety in choice, if not in quantity... (I have personally bought pretty much all available SACDs from both Columbia and BMG)

Post by MerlinMacuser October 10, 2004 (6 of 6)
I reported this some time ago along with the recommendation that we let both clubs know that we want to see more SACDs offfered. Until they know there are buyers, they won't invest in the inventory.