Thread: What are the next SACD releases by René Jacobs ?

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Post by hok007 May 20, 2009 (11 of 12)
Domimag said:

Idomeneo/Jacobs will be not release in SACD format (said in answer to my question by "Harmonia Mundi France". I think we'll not see other SACD releases from that label...) !!

Truly unfortunate. Is HM switching their high-end to Blu-ray, or are they getting out of high-resolution opera all together?

Post by current93 May 20, 2009 (12 of 12)
BTW, Haydn's The Creation by Jacobs won't be released as SACD in October 2009. Seems that HM France goes totally out of SACD. So strange...

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