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Welcome to the discussion forum.

This forum is open to SA-CD newbies, committed music lovers, audiophiles, industry professionals ... anybody with an interest (professional, technical or consumer) in SA-CD.

How to participate:

1. You need to login before posting. Login requires only your name and email address. Your email address is required for authentication and site management only. It will never be visible to others or third-parties without your explicit permission.

2. If you are new to the forum or visit infrequently, use the "search" function above first to check whether your subject has been covered in the past.

3. If no thread currently exists that is relevant to your subject, or you want to change the subject matter of a thread, use "new thread" at the bottom of the Forum page to create a new thread. Try to make the subject as meaningful as possible.

4. If your post is related to a specific SA-CD, use the "discussion" link from the relevant Title Details or Title Reviews pages instead. This way, the thread is linked to the title and all related posts are collected in a single place for reference by future visitors. Such threads are identified by "Discussion:" in the subject.

5. You can join an existing thread with "new post" or "reply". Reply differs in that it gives you the option of quoting the original post.

6. You can edit your post (with "edit post") for up to 48hrs from posting. This is intended mainly for correction of typos, links etc.

7. If you enter any html in the text of your post, it will be stripped out. If however you enter a URL (starting with http://), link html will be added automatically on display. For best results, put your link on a line by itself. Due of their possibility for malicious use, shortened links (created with TinyURL etc) will not be displayed.

8. You can include images in your posts but these will have to be hosted elsewhere. You cannot currently upload images to this site.

9. If you have a relevant industry affiliation, make sure you include this in the Details section of your User Details.

A few rules:

1. Lively debate is encouraged. You are free to disagree as long as your posts are respectful and constructive.

2. Do not post links to online vendor sites, supported or otherwise. This site is totally dependent for its upkeep on sales through the linked vendors using specially tagged links. Diversion to other vendors undermines the site's support foundation. Ignore this and your post risks being deleted in its entirety.

3. Don't post eBay links or for sale/swap/wanted to buy notices.

4. The forum isn't the place for plugs or promotion of one's own goods or services, either directly or veiled (the explicit exception being information on new releases on the format). It isn't hard to imagine the consequences if everybody were allowed to use the forum for free advertising of whatever.

5. If you have a vested interest in a product or service, don't post thinly disguised advertising here in the form of reviews, testimonials etc. Often these are exposed for what they are and turn around to bite you. Don't risk it.

6. Posts encouraging or otherwise informing others of any means to circumvent SA-CD copy protection and/or posting of links to sites that offer pirated music content will be summarily deleted. Repeat violations will result in a permanent ban.

7. This is a moderated forum. If your posts are not conducive to the general good of the community, they may be removed and/or your posting rights permanently revoked. If your posts are on-topic and respectful of others, this is unlikely.

8. If you're a spammer, troll or sockpuppet your time on this forum will be short.

9. Participation on this forum is a privilege, not a right.

Anyway, that's about it. Remember that the forum is what you make it!

Stephen Best (aka "zeus")