Thread: Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra. Till Eulenspiegel, Burleske - Luisi

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Post by Links January 1, 2011 (11 of 17)
And the latest info:

Coroner, OZ
"..she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead."

Post by diw January 1, 2011 (12 of 17)
Sad to say, but Zeus should probably delete from the database.

Post by AmirKessner January 7, 2011 (13 of 17)

Post by hiredfox January 7, 2011 (14 of 17)
diw said:

Sad to say, but Zeus should probably delete from the database.

In the sense that the disc may never have existed, one would find it difficult not to agree with you. On the other hand, the art work clearly exists so the intention was clear; unless the project has been formally abandoned and Zeus notified as such then it should remain listed.

It is now sitting most uncomfortably at the top of my wish list, one can but hope!

We should not overlook the possibility that we have all been suckered in a piece of political brinkmanship in which neither side wished to be the first to blink fearing it might be construed as a breach of contract.

Never say never of course, even the most lurid of wounds will heal given time.

Post by diw January 7, 2011 (15 of 17)
I did email somebody listed on the Dresden web site and he did it was cancelled. Mdt just sent me an email yesterday canceling my order for this. I think it gone, sad to say....

Post by diw January 9, 2011 (16 of 17)
I may break down and order the de Waart version on Exton despite the reviews, otherwise I'll never hear ASZ in SACD...

Post by hiredfox January 10, 2011 (17 of 17)
The CD dropped off my Wish List this morning so I guess that's it!

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