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Post by rammiepie February 19, 2012 (11 of 36)
FunkyMonkey said:

Thanks, some good choices. Thought of extra requirement. 2 hdmi outs and mch support for sacd. What does that leave?

The Ayre DX~5 has two HDMI A/V and the other audio..........The Oppos 93/95 also have 2 HDMI outputs, as well and will support DSD out........ Not sure about the Cambridge, however. But also note that if your pre~pro is PCM based then the DSD output will most likely be defeated. I have the BDP~93 OPPO and absolutely love it (have since retired my Sony 5400ES in favor of the OPPO).

Post by FunkyMonkey February 20, 2012 (12 of 36)
I have an onkyo 805 which I love, and would rather get a dual hdmi player (should I go 3d) and power amp rather than a new receiver.

The onkyo can process DSD. Strangely, I prefer stereo sacd disks in pure DSD converted to analogue, and majority of mch sacd disks DSD to pcm converted in receiver. With my present Sony player, anyway. Hence need to have pure DSD option.

Post by Yoropiko1 February 20, 2012 (13 of 36)
I have 4 3D capable Blu ray players of various types but only one, my Panasonic has dual HDMI outputs. I generally use my Panasonic direct to the screen with the other HDMI output to my receiver for audio decoding despite owning a 3D 1.4a capable amp. I have had occasional flashing on my plasma when running 3D through my Receiver then to my Monitor which I never get with a direct connection from the Panasonic to the Plasma. I use high quality HDMI cables all 3D capable but I suspect the the 2 Metre cable from Blu Ray to Receiver which then added to the 7 Metre cable from my receiver to Plasma are just too long to carry 3D with full stability. 7 Metres is quite a long distance to carry 3D even with high quality cables. My cable from my Panasonic Blu Ray player to my Plasma is just 3 Metres, just a third of the distance it has to go when going through my Receiver, plus there is no break in the cable and I never have any issues now. Not all my 3D movies show flashing when sent via the receiver but it does occur occasionally so I dont think its a fault with my receiver. So even if you have a receiver which can handle 3D I still believe there is a benefit of having a dual HDMI output Transport.
Of course having analog outputs too gives you even more flexibilty and for machines such as the oppos the internal decoding quality might be better than that of you receiver. You can never have too many connection options in my opinion, even if you are unlikely to use them all.

Post by Fitzcaraldo215 February 20, 2012 (14 of 36)
Yup, it's a cable length issue, for sure.

Post by FunkyMonkey February 20, 2012 (15 of 36)
I will never use analogue, as I am more than happy with the digital signal processing of my receiver, with whatever source, from cd to DVD to sacd to blu ray.

Post by Fitzcaraldo215 February 21, 2012 (16 of 36)
FunkyMonkey said:

I will never use analogue, as I am more than happy with the digital signal processing of my receiver, with whatever source, from cd to DVD to sacd to blu ray.

I am with you 100%.

Post by Sam February 22, 2012 (17 of 36)
Nagraboy said:

DVD-A multichannel allows for 24/96 in 5.1, not just 24/48.

Yes, but you need MLP compression which is not supplied with free/cheap DVD-A authoring software.

Post by Fugue March 28, 2012 (18 of 36)
I just received my Oppo BDP 95 today--wow! It sounds every bit as good as my Sony 5400ES--and even better. Via my Stax headphones, I could hear more of the hall reflections in the beginning of the Mahler 5th on Telarc--it just sounds gorgeous. I also like that it loads faster and that I don't have to turn off the HDMI circuitry in order to listen to headphones. The video image is superb, too.

I read on some other audio forum that the Oppo was a step down from the Sony 5400Es. That's just plain ridiculous--either that or one of us is dear or insane! :-)

Post by Fugue April 9, 2012 (19 of 36)
* deaf, not dear! :-)

I've been reading a few articles that state analog out is the best way to hook up up a multi-channel SACD player, even if the receiver/pre-amp has HDMI (eliminates any nasty PCM conversion). Will the Oppo 95 pass DSD through its analog outs? Part of the added cost of the 95 is due to its superior analog outs, so in a way, I feel I might be wasting one of its main attributes by using HDMI!

Anyway, I'll appreciate your thoughts.

Post by hooperthom April 9, 2012 (20 of 36)
DSD though analog is possible. Just set the Oppo 95 to DSD instead of PCM but won't be able to use the players trim level like bass management. I like my bass so I don't like the way DSD sounds.

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